#OTBGateway Catch up

otb-coverOkay so I have been meaning to post this for some time and in between studying, holidays, work, being hospitalized and more I haven’t been able to finish my draft… and so I now have to re-edit this post to include all of the wonderful #OTBGateway Events that I’ve attended.

If you’ve seen my Snapchat or my Instagram it’s possible that you have seen me attend these incredibly fun events with a great marketing concept and each done with a different theme. But if your haven’t here you go…

So what is #OTBGateway, well simply OTB means Out the Box and the premise follows pretty much that, Gateway has created a ‘box’ that will highlight 4-5 of their merchants each month.These brands have been curated by the Gateway team to follow a specific theme that’s “hot” at the moment, August was Women’s Month and so the night was exclusively attended by ladies, September the beginning of Spring was celebrated as an eco “spring” filled event, in July Durban plays host to the Durban July horse racing event and so the line-up was star-studded and celebrity fueled.


Some of the brands that have been featured these past few months are:

  • Klines
  • 100% Co-Op
  • Rain Africa (a favorite of mine of course)
  • Terry Scott
  • Kingsmead Shoes
  • Shadows
  • Accessorize
  • Lush!
  • Nail-it!
  • Poetry
  • Tea Merchant
  • and many more!


The catering for the event is all featuring brands available to any patrons of the mall, Cape Town Fish Market, Primi, Chateux Gateux, Kauai, So Whipped and more. Each mouthful at the event is decadent, the food line-up has definetly influenced my eating out choices when I’m in the area.

The talented Emcee’s highlight each brand and why they’ve been selected for the night and listening to each brands representative I’ve learnt so much more about the history of the brand, the coming seasons and what decisions happen behind the scenes to influence fashion, beauty and more. The box is located up outside the Barnyard Theatre and you will be able to get up close and personal with some great brands which will change according to the season, trends and monthly themes.


Yet again Gateway has proved that they are an all inclusive shopping and entertainment experience and they are definitely the center to beat. Make sure you pop in to Gateway to have a look at the great merchants featured in this months ‘box’.

Good Food & Wine Show 2016

Okay, so we are coming up on one of my favorite times of the year… no, not summer… the Good Food and Wine Show is making it’s way to Durban again in 2016! Definitely my favorite of the annual shows that head our way, and this year is even more exciting because the headlining chef happens to be my favorite Masterchef judge… That’s right, George Calombaris is heading to our sunny shores!
I can already hear him say “That’s Yum!”

George Calombaris from hit TV show Masterchef Australia is headlining the Durban Good Food and Wine Show 2017

Okay, let me get into the all important details before telling you who also will be joining George:
The Good Food & Wine Show Durban

Dates: Friday October 28 to Sunday, October 30.
Venue: Durban Exhibition Centre, 11 Walnut Road, Durban
Hours: Friday and Saturday 10:00-21:00; Sunday 10:00-18:00

Ticket Prices:

  • Early bird: R85
  • Adults: R100 at the door
  • Weekend pass: R150
  • International chef table: R800
  • Local chef table: R300

There is all sorts of other ticket options available including Senior Citizens discounts, special kids prices, Wine tasting prices and more. Tickets are available through Computicket or at the door.

Okay, on to all the other juicy details like the fact that the show has had a make-over and  George will be joined by a stellar line-up including some of South Africa’s most popular chefs AND they haven’t finished announcing this line-up!! Some of the already announced chefs are; Siba Mtongana, Jenny Morris, Sarah Graham, Neill Anthony and J’Something. Oh and by the way be sure to catch George on the lastest season of MasterChef Australia which is returning to our screens to M-Net on October 10 –I’ve watched some of this eighth season and have my favorite “amateur cook” already picked out.

In keeping with the show’s make-over there has been a different approach to the theme and the different zones, the theme for the show is “Fresh” and you will be saturated by the freshest cooking methods, techniques, products and more in the different zones. Zones include Wellness; lifestyle; wine; market & street food; beer & alcohol; gourmet; baking and an area for children. Once again GF&WS is working with Durban Tourism to promote the city and all the wonderful attractions it has to offer on the food front – I mean c’mon we have to introduce these chefs to the wonderful spices, curries, bunnies, local and authentic taste of Durban!

Oh yes, and you know those coveted Chefs theater tickets, well… for the first time these tickets are included in your ticket price (on first come first serve basis) so literally everyone can watch their favorite chefs behind the stove 🙂 and there is even a Cake Lab theater for all your sweet and yummy goodness!

And for those of you who would like your exclusives with the Chefs, well the Chefs Table masterclass are just for you! A unique and exclusive opportunity to be up-close and personal with these kitchen maestro’s.


Okay now onto the press kit because I can’t do all these chef’s justice so here’s the line-up:

One of Australia’s top chefs, George Calombaris’ style of cuisine has earned him many accolades and much respect from culinary aficionados at home and abroad. His Greek heritage was central in his upbringing; indeed it’s his trademark today. With many accolades to his name and a string of restaurants, Calombaris is also known for his cook books, his contribution as a judge in MasterChef Australia and his entrepreneurial skills.

Jenny Morris – aka the Giggling Gourmet – is one of SA’s most-loved food personalities. She is an author, magazine writer, radio and TV presenter, celebrity chef, teacher, caterer and culinary tour guide who has had an ongoing love affair with food since she was a child. Not only has she conquered radio but Jenny has made several television appearances both locally and internationally. Her first show for the Food Network was Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco. It was the first occasion that a South African chef fronted their own show on the channel.

Portugal-born Joao Da Fonseca (aka J’Something) is better known as the lead singer of South African band Mi Casa. But he’s also a passionate cook and in 2014 showcased his love of food with the13-part SABC3 series Something’s Cooking, which went on to reach over two million viewers. His follow-up series What’s For Dinner (SABC 3) reached 10 million viewers. When he’s not collaborating with chefs to demonstrate his cooking skills and love for soulful food, J’Something can be found working on his first cookbook or co-hosting a show on radio.

Cape Town based private chef Neill Anthony, who trained in the kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and other big international cooking greats, gets invited to cook in the homes of prestigious clients, socialite friends, and fun-loving acquaintances transforming their dining experiences into exclusive and private dinner extravaganzas. Partnering with local TV producers Okhule Media has been the foundation of his TV journey. His 13-part Food Network TV series Private Chef, broadcast locally and internationally has been the launch pad for his international exposure.

Sarah Graham is a well-known cook, food writer and TV show host. She grew up on a small wildlife conservancy in Zimbabwe, and this instilled in her a food philosophy that is built on creating simple, healthy dishes. Sarah started her food blog, A Foodie Lives Here in May 2010, and later that year was the first local food blogger to be awarded a cook book contract by Penguin Random House. Sarah has filmed two cooking shows that have aired locally and internationally. She is currently writing her fourth cook book and planning another season of her TV series Food Safari.

Siba Mtongana is a passionate and dynamic food enthusiast who has brought style and charisma to the local TV food scene. Her show Siba’s Table debuted in 2013, and is now broadcast in more than 130 countries. Her previous cooking show, Cooking with Siba, which aired while she was food editor for Drum magazine, won a SAFTA for Best Lifestyle and Variety Show. In 2014 she made Oprah Magazine’s O Power List of 21 African women rocking the world.
For more go to:

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