#OTBGateway Catch up

otb-coverOkay so I have been meaning to post this for some time and in between studying, holidays, work, being hospitalized and more I haven’t been able to finish my draft… and so I now have to re-edit this post to include all of the wonderful #OTBGateway Events that I’ve attended.

If you’ve seen my Snapchat or my Instagram it’s possible that you have seen me attend these incredibly fun events with a great marketing concept and each done with a different theme. But if your haven’t here you go…

So what is #OTBGateway, well simply OTB means Out the Box and the premise follows pretty much that, Gateway has created a ‘box’ that will highlight 4-5 of their merchants each month.These brands have been curated by the Gateway team to follow a specific theme that’s “hot” at the moment, August was Women’s Month and so the night was exclusively attended by ladies, September the beginning of Spring was celebrated as an eco “spring” filled event, in July Durban plays host to the Durban July horse racing event and so the line-up was star-studded and celebrity fueled.


Some of the brands that have been featured these past few months are:

  • Klines
  • 100% Co-Op
  • Rain Africa (a favorite of mine of course)
  • Terry Scott
  • Kingsmead Shoes
  • Shadows
  • Accessorize
  • Lush!
  • Nail-it!
  • Poetry
  • Tea Merchant
  • and many more!


The catering for the event is all featuring brands available to any patrons of the mall, Cape Town Fish Market, Primi, Chateux Gateux, Kauai, So Whipped and more. Each mouthful at the event is decadent, the food line-up has definetly influenced my eating out choices when I’m in the area.

The talented Emcee’s highlight each brand and why they’ve been selected for the night and listening to each brands representative I’ve learnt so much more about the history of the brand, the coming seasons and what decisions happen behind the scenes to influence fashion, beauty and more. The box is located up outside the Barnyard Theatre and you will be able to get up close and personal with some great brands which will change according to the season, trends and monthly themes.


Yet again Gateway has proved that they are an all inclusive shopping and entertainment experience and they are definitely the center to beat. Make sure you pop in to Gateway to have a look at the great merchants featured in this months ‘box’.


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Fashion DIY: Cable-tie Earrings

Oh my gosh! I don’t usually read Elle magazine and only got Novembers magazine because of the freebie nail polish from Catrice.
But… How gorgeous are these cable-tie earrings?? They are made by Belinda-Lee Ludek and retail for R320.

They are gorge… I think I might try DIY something similar as these are way too large for normal everyday wear.
What do you think?? Should I try DIY them? Would you wear something similar?