{REVIEW} LA Girl – Glazed Lip Paints

LA Girl Glazed CoverWhen I first saw these lip-glosses/ paints (whichever you want to call them) on Insta I was really upset because I couldn’t find them in my local Dischem, after months of searching I finally found one shade and even though it is a shade that I would NEVER ordinarily buy, I knew I needed to get it.

That was ages ago and recently these little squishy tubes have found there way back into Dischem’s around the country. I’ve managed to find “Hot Mess” (my first buy), “Blushing“, “Babydoll” and the most recent buy “Coy“.  These lip paints claim “Super Intense Color, Extra Glossy Finish” and all I can say is that is exactly what they deliver. They have been called the Dupe for the Two Face Melted Lipsticks and from what I’ve seen online they run a close battle.

LA Girl Glazed combo

My one suggestion is apply these with a lip-brush instead of the applicator at the end of the tube. The applicator on the tube is very messy and is rather large in size so you are not able to easily apply to the corners of your mouth. With how vivid colored and intense these are, you need the that only a brush can give. The gloss/ paint gives off a slight peppermint smell which I think may have been an attempt to plump lips, I don’t hate it, in fact I love the pepper-minty-ness and wish that it did plump as well as give such amazing color payoff.

I will admit that my favorite color of the few that I own is Blushing, it’s a perfect nude-pink-purple mix (the closest color name that I could think to call it is mauve, but not quite) I feel it looks the most natural on my lips. I would highly suggest that if you are able to swatch the colors before buying – do!

The 6 colored Glazed Lip Paint are available exclusively at Dischem for R50! A great bargain for a great product.

2 thoughts on “{REVIEW} LA Girl – Glazed Lip Paints

  1. Hey Jane!

    Interesting post. Now I have a question. I LOVE looks like this with the “paints” and “gels” etc. Obviously they look amazing and if you’re really dressing up or doing your make up they bring the wow factor. However I have always found these textures uncomfortable to wear. I hate stuff that sticks to glasses, or leaves marks on clothes, smudges or rubs off.

    Is this one of those things I should just stay clear of in that regards and stick to my Matte Lippie? Which I too love but it would be nice to wear something like this once in awhile.

    Any suggestions.

    Thanks for the post, you’re a star!

    • Hey Cee,
      So I put one of the lip paints on this weekend to make sure I could give you a super accurate answer.
      The lip glosses are amazing, they aren’t sticky at all which I know is a very big plus, texture-wise they are very smooth, easy to apply (although I prefer to do so with a lip brush due to the next point), slightly moisturizing, and they also stain the lips slightly which means that they last a long time. Yes, they will rub off on glasses or on clothing if you’re near it – and with their pigmentation I’m sure they may stain clothing. All in all, these are more like liquid lipsticks than lip-glosses, I like them I just wish that they came in some more natural colours too! Let me know if you decide to try them.

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