{Hobby} Color the rainbow

If you haven’t heard the latest trend, hobby, meditation time has been taken up with adult colouring in – and yes, that means adults colouring in not necessarily “adult” colouring in (although I’ve heard of some pretty riskeé books available.) … Continue reading

{Eat Out} The Roost

Sorry for the very dark pictures… the lighting is super dim at The Roost.  Single food eatery: an eating establishment (restaurant, take-away, pub etc.) which only caters one meal on the menu.  Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but … Continue reading

A guide for boys #TheManicure part 1

Okay, I’m going to try do a new short series and see what the response is because lately I’ve realize that  brothers, fathers, boyfriends, fiances, husbands, basically the male homo-sapiens in our lives have no clue what it actually takes … Continue reading

{Win} Be sun safe this Summer with Sun Film

As we are head closer to the middle of our summer season which usually involves; beaches, swimming pools, outside activities, going boating at the dam and more, it is SO important to wear sunscreen DAILY. It’s not just about skin … Continue reading

How to ‘dip-dye’ your pony tail

I went away on my work team building weekend at the end of October, Friday night is usually an all out party with dress up theme and while I usually hate(!) dress up themes, we managed to pick a really … Continue reading