Hill’s Lamb & Rice & Dream Maker Beds

Hills - Cover (1)

EEP! I’m terrible, I was meant to tell you about the new Hills Lamb & Rice flavored food months ago – they debuted with cute Hills Foodie bins with chalk board stickers – unfortunately between work, studying and massive amounts of other business I didn’t get a post out about how my three mutt-sketers loved it.

Unfortunately since that time we have said goodbye to Roxy, our darling little pooch as she gave in to her old age. She was a trooper and it was a very emotional time for all of us. Since then Java and Lacey have found their footing as a two-some and although Java misses the extra food she used to finish off there hasn’t been much change.

A few weeks ago Hills offered to send the wagsters a #DreamMakerBed and of course I couldn’t say no! After all we have one already that was Roxy’s and which she loved dearly. We gave that one to Java (hierarchy you know?) and someone felt a little unloved for not having another one – I was hesitant to give Lacey anything as she still hasn’t figured out that bedding is not food and that dogs don’t live in holes up to their ear-tips!

My #DreamMakerBed arrived, a sunny yellow color – funnily the one I would have chosen had I been picking – and we bought it inside, Java wouldn’t sit still for a photo (see below) but Petra, well she thought it’s a cats life and took over the bed for two days… Hills - Cover (2)

Shortly after this we stuck it in the tire beds and so far Lacey hasn’t eaten it and is actually sleeping on it! Hills Dream Maker beds are available free with purchases of two big bags (9.5kgs to 13.6kgs) of any Hill’s dog food – Science Plan, Ideal Balance or Prescription Diet. This is a whooping free gift worth R550!

The offer is only available while stocks last, terms and conditions do apply. For your nearest participating practice or vet shop contact Hill’s on infoza@hillspet.com or call 0800 228 783. For more info www.hillspet.co.za/News.

Be part of a community that is passionate about their pets and read about Hill’s latest offers on Facebook www.hillspet.co.za/facebook and Twitter www.twitter.com/HillsPetSA

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