{Giveaway} You can’t go wrong with Roses

Eeek! I’m super late with this post, unfortunately work has been Über hectic at the moment and on top of that I’ll soon be studying again! But anyway enough about me…


In 3 days (!!) V-day hits us, yip, Valentine’s and love it or hate there is one thing that’s pretty sure… Even if a girl says she doesn’t celebrate she actually would still love to receive something special.

Netflorist, one of SA’s top gifting websites is making your life easier yet again and this year they are going bigger than ever before!! With 22000 projected deliveries this time of year can be a crazy one but Netflorist ensures that your Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts are delivered straight to your loved one’s front door.  To earn some guaranteed brownie points this Valentine’s Day, visit www.netflorist.co.za and celebrate love today!

To make life even easier Netflorist has also put together some stunning hampers and while we know you may not stick to these I’m pretty sure anyone who receives these gifts  would beam from ear to ear! I mean there’s a Sweetie Pie Chocolate bouquet… Love it… want it… yum!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her –

Sweet Romance – A stunning arrangement of striking red roses in a red vase and a box of mouth-watering macaroons – this is what love is all about!

Chocolate Love Bunch – Combining the idea of flowers and chocolate, these yummy Sweetie Pie chocolates in red tissue paper in a cute heart-themed box is the perfect way to say “I Love You”.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him –

Chocolate Bondage in a Man Crate – Get him hot under the collar with this man crate filled with an assortment of sexy surprises…

Kudu & Wildebeest Biltong with Biltong Knife – You can never go wrong with a gift every South African man will adore – a crate filled with biltong!

Valentine’s Day Gift They Will Both Love –

Basket of Love – Because nothing sounds better than a midnight picnic under the stars with the one you love.

I have 2 x R100 vouchers up for grab and there are 2 ways to enter, you can either comment or tweet!!

  1. Comment and tell me what you would find to be the most romantic gesture ever. And I’m not just talking about the day he got down on one knee, I’m thinking candles and a bath bomb, personalized song, flowers on the worst PMS day ever.
  2. Share, Share Share… Tweet me with…  “Hey @Jane10net & @NetFlorist, help me say it with roses & make 2016 the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet http://tinyurl.com/jerxytr. ” Show me what’s catching your eye in the Valentine’s range too!

Winners will be announced Friday 12 February at 12pm, open to SA citizens only.



23 thoughts on “{Giveaway} You can’t go wrong with Roses

  1. The most romantic gesture ever, I feel is if he get’s the ingredients to make my favourite dinner, dessert and cocktail and have them waiting for me when I get home. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed.

  2. What I think would be the most romantic gesture ever is a picnic on the beach I like simple and thoughtful things that I can cherish forever. And I love the beach so that would be perfect for me 🙂 shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto 🙂

  3. The most romantic gesture ever happened last year when when my special man took me to a romantic spot on the beach. This was done when the Sunsets, creating the most romantic setting, the time when the sky is filled with it’s “beautiful Red Colour!” He carried along a Sumptious home made dinner which includes my favourite dish “Lamb for Lovers”, not forgetting a bottle of chilled wine in an icebucket. He then had our favourite flowers & candles spread all over the place. He spelled out “I LOVE YOU” in flowers on the ground, with a little gift laying inside the heart and had romantic music playing in the background and after Dinner asked me for a dance & while dancing he whispered words of love to me! We ended the evening by a Bonfire, with a couple of blankets & lots of pillows on the floor and feeding each other with chocolate covered strawberries & whipped cream! While bundling up under the blankets all comfy & relaxed, we gazed into each others eyes & laying underneath the shining stars!

  4. The most romantic gesture was him taking half day from work, getting home before me, cooking, cleaning and having a romantic masssge and evening

  5. The most romatic gesture was him coming home early from work before me, cooking, cleaning and having a romantic dinner, massage and evening

  6. would love to have an evening of romance with a home cooked meal, dessert and wine and then a candlelit bubble bath for two

  7. I’ve been single for two years, my two previous relationships were not with the most romantic men, so to be honest I can’t recall anything romantic….however, I was picked up a few days ago before an evening out and the simple gesture of opening my car door was most probably the most romantic thing I could ever had thought of. Sometimes, it’s the little things, like a gentleman, with manners, opening your car door.

  8. Ohhh. Mine would be to actually have a hot candle lit bubble bath in PEACE without an audience or little person stealing all my space. With a much needed extra large cup of coffee and maybe a box of choccies. While hubby takes care of the bedtime routines 😆

  9. My boyfriend knows I’m absolutely crazy about chocolates and on some days when I’m just down or have the worst PMS with crying red eyeballs and all, have a box of chocolate sitting quietly next to me with a tiny card saying ‘I wish I can make it better but I hope this gift will help’ I instantly light up like a christmas tree 🙂 its really the thought that counts for me and I find it absolutely romantic!

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