{Review} Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein pack

Palmers Deep conditioning coverSummer, swimming in pools, tanning at the beach, hot sunny days, dips in sea water, color treatments, all of this dehydrates your hair and this is where I find myself.

I had to try this protein filled hair mask after seeing that Palmer’s – one of my favorite body brand I’m sure you’ve smelt their Cocoa Butter body lotions? – simply because of the amazing smell- had launched their hair care line in SA.

The range contains shampoos, conditioners, texturizing sprays and more but this hair mask really caught my eye. For roughly R20 this sucker is a quality buy! The handy sachet contains a sizable amount of the hair mask and the moment you open the sachet you are met with a gorgeous coconutty smell, seriously delish and it reminds me of Mozambique beaches!

Palmers combo shot

My hair was feeling a little crispy so I knew it was time for a treat. I washed and then whacked this sucker on, my long hair means I get one use from the sachet but if your hair is shorter you can definitely get more than one use from it. I kept the treatment on for roughly a half an hour – your only meant to leave it on for 10-15minutes – but I couldn’t resist, it smelt and felt so good on my hair!

After rinsing the treatment off my hair still smelled amazing and felt soft, silky and much more manageable then before. I just happened to soak my hair in hair oil as well – super dehydrated so it soaked it all up- and hey presto! Soft, smooth, silky hair at my finger tips. My advice if your hair is feeling a little sad pick one of these up, you’ll find them at Clicks and Dischem possibly in the ethnic hair section if not with the other hair masks.


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