#OTBGateway Catch up

otb-coverOkay so I have been meaning to post this for some time and in between studying, holidays, work, being hospitalized and more I haven’t been able to finish my draft… and so I now have to re-edit this post to include all of the wonderful #OTBGateway Events that I’ve attended.

If you’ve seen my Snapchat or my Instagram it’s possible that you have seen me attend these incredibly fun events with a great marketing concept and each done with a different theme. But if your haven’t here you go…

So what is #OTBGateway, well simply OTB means Out the Box and the premise follows pretty much that, Gateway has created a ‘box’ that will highlight 4-5 of their merchants each month.These brands have been curated by the Gateway team to follow a specific theme that’s “hot” at the moment, August was Women’s Month and so the night was exclusively attended by ladies, September the beginning of Spring was celebrated as an eco “spring” filled event, in July Durban plays host to the Durban July horse racing event and so the line-up was star-studded and celebrity fueled.


Some of the brands that have been featured these past few months are:

  • Klines
  • 100% Co-Op
  • Rain Africa (a favorite of mine of course)
  • Terry Scott
  • Kingsmead Shoes
  • Shadows
  • Accessorize
  • Lush!
  • Nail-it!
  • Poetry
  • Tea Merchant
  • and many more!


The catering for the event is all featuring brands available to any patrons of the mall, Cape Town Fish Market, Primi, Chateux Gateux, Kauai, So Whipped and more. Each mouthful at the event is decadent, the food line-up has definetly influenced my eating out choices when I’m in the area.

The talented Emcee’s highlight each brand and why they’ve been selected for the night and listening to each brands representative I’ve learnt so much more about the history of the brand, the coming seasons and what decisions happen behind the scenes to influence fashion, beauty and more. The box is located up outside the Barnyard Theatre and you will be able to get up close and personal with some great brands which will change according to the season, trends and monthly themes.


Yet again Gateway has proved that they are an all inclusive shopping and entertainment experience and they are definitely the center to beat. Make sure you pop in to Gateway to have a look at the great merchants featured in this months ‘box’.

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{Spa Day} Brigit Filmer Detoxifying Body Wrap Treatment

I was so excited when I saw an update on the Brigit Filmer Spa & Skin Facebook page (follow here)… They were offering a special on the Detoxifying Body wrap treatment, thankfully I had taken a half day at work on the Friday and so I quickly phoned to book an appointment. If you are a #Durbanite you will know that Brigit Filmer needs no introduction, this award winning Day Spa is pure luxury and indulgence.


The spa describes the treatment as follows:

Detox Full Body Wrap (75 minutes) This is a complete, highly targeted and effective body treatment that shows excellent progressive results. It uses mineral clays, essential oils and specialised techniques to stimulate circulation and detoxify while firming and toning the body contours that are prone to cellulite.

I was so ecstatic to book my treatment and I nearly skipped up the M13 to the spa – as I entered Brigit Filmer I was greeted by the friendly receptionist and told to have a seat because Nomvula would be right with me, with ants in my pants I sat but soon got up and looked around the sales area in the reception. Soon enough Nomvula came through and escorted me to the treatment room, this room with spa bed sitting center stage was elegantly decorated with an emphasis on natural, natural decor on the mirror, natural light streaming through the window and a natural stone finish on the shower floor.

I was given my instructions… spa panties and on the bed, cover yourself in towels… but I was disobedient and wore my bikini bottoms that I bought with me – those didn’t last long and next time I’ll be sure to wear the spa panties from the start! Nomvula re-entered the room and prompt told me about the treatment, we were starting with a full body scrub, head to toe (even between the toes – which made me giggle!) and all that’s in between. Nomvula started the treatment, the scrub was just the right consistency so you knew you were banishing any dead skin cells to their doom, and there was a beautiful “earthy” smell to the scrub – according to Nomvula the scrub is made on site and is all natural.

Once my body was scrubbed – which roughly takes 20minutes – it was time to hop into the shower for the first time… There would be many showers that day! Nomvula ran the shower until the water was the perfect temperature and told me when I get back it’s spa panties time (cringe!) in order to apply to clay mask over an application of body oil. After my amazing shower – where I made sure to get every inch of scrub off (as instructed)- I hopped back onto the bed and readied myself for the clay mask. If you’ve ever had a scrub you’ll know that the spa bed is lined with plastic to wrap you up like a mummy but the plastic also becomes rather sticky… So be sure to carefully navigate the bed. Nomvula began to apply the mask and oil, to cleanse, moisturize and detoxify my body while I was wrapped up and soon the mask was applied and I was cocooned in plastic and towels and had a head massage as the clay went to work – heavenly!


I’m pretty sure people fall asleep at this stage of the treatment and Nomvula agreed. After what felt like hours Nomvula “woke” me up and asked me to shower again – “making sure you wash off all the mask” – well this time I failed and left some behind my knee. Again the shower was perfect and I readily hopped up onto the bed again for a drainage massage and with another massage oil. Nomvula was a tiny lady but boy did she have some strength in her hands, during my massage she really worked the tension that I carry in my shoulders and soon I was again feeling lulled to sleep! While I was having the massage I couldn’t tell how long the treatment had taken – while I knew there was a time limit, It felt like I had been in the treatment room for the rest of the afternoon – delightful!

It turns out the treatment lasted only an hour and a half.  Well, it was the longest hour and a half I have ever had in my life and possibly one of the best!! How did I feel afterward, well I joked going in that I wanted to be puddle-like on the way out and I sure was, I was relaxed and refreshed, my skin felt so soft and smooth and I could already feel the benefits of the scrub and wrap. This is definitely the type of treatment one gets at the end of winter to get rid of the dead skin and toxins that have been stored up in your body during the cold weather. I’m definitely going to head back for another – I hope to one day be like the client that Nomvula has visiting her once a week for the wrap!

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