{First Impressions} For them pearly whites…

Hi all,

So another of the products that Rubybox has sent me to trial is a toothpaste. Now I’m not to be too fussy when it comes to teeth, every now and then I have a bit of sensitivity but that’s soon sorted out with a specific brand of toothpaste designed for that specific reason, but when someone tells me they have 45 years of experience or expertise in an industry, I give it some respect.

Elgydium Cover

And that’s the case with this toothpaste, Elgydium has 45 years of expertise in the European dental and oral care industry makes me sit up and take notice. Elgydium has two available types at the moment, a whitening toothpaste and a sensitive, gel. Both products are scientifically formulated to give you the best results, reinforced by time aka usage. Now I’ve been trying the toothpaste for the past two weeks and here’s my thoughts…

So far I’ve started with the sensitive gel toothpaste, usually with gel variants they don’t foam and bubble as much as the non-gel variety, Elgydium happens to foam very nicely, my teeth feel smoother, cleaner and I feel like I’ve cleaned my teeth well. I haven’t found that my teeth need an adjustment period, which often happens between brands and the lighter-than-normal scent and taste makes the toothpaste a pleasure to use. Elgydium - general

I already have very white teeth (thanks to not smoking, drinking etc. even my dentist refuses to whiten my teeth because he says there is no point) so I’m not sure if the toothpaste has worked at whitening my teeth, my teeth definitely haven’t been as sensitive as they normally are, so for me this brand gets all pluses!

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