{REVIEW} LA Girl – Glazed Lip Paints

When I first saw these lip-glosses/ paints (whichever you want to call them) on Insta I was really upset because I couldn’t find them in my local Dischem, after months of searching I finally found one shade and even though … Continue reading

Mani Monday: #BWBNailed Challenge

This past weekend we had a great Bloggers Who Bless (#BWB) meeting at Dropkick Murphey’s on Florida Road. Firstly let me comment on the venue and the menu, Dropkick is right beside Wakaberry on Florida Road, it is a ‘new’ pub on the scene and offers good pub food in big quantities, they have a cup of bacon on the menu with a cheese dipping sauce. I repeat, bacon with cheese dipping sauce… uhm…. drooolllllll……..

At the meet we were had the sliders option off the menu (two beef and two chicken BBQ ‘mini’ hamburgers with chips), it was delish and there are a plentidtude of food.

Michelle told us at the meet that we would be taking part in the #bwbnailed challenge, I had seen some of the great enteries from Cape Town so I had a feeling that we Durbanites would be taking part as well. THANKFULLY Michelle won’t be taking part as we know she would hands down win! I hope that she does do a manicure according to the theme as it would be interesting to see what else she will come up with.


So the theme is basically anything that resembles the Amercian flag, colors, shapes, styles anything. We were told that we can be as creative as we like, use as many or as few of the colors and do what ever we want as long as it falls into the Americana bracket.

Now, I like doing my nails but my style of ‘nail art’ is painting one whole finger a different color or sticking on a shop bought decal. I’ve tried and failed with taping before, and I don’t have enough patience to ‘free hand’ anything!  I wish I had the time and patience to sit for hours (and it does take hours, believe me!) to do my nails and then wait for several coats to dry amidst waiting to do some ‘arty thing’ but at least this challenge has FINALLY given me a chance to use some of the skills that I picked up at the #Dbnpolishparty last year. (yip, it’s almost a full year ago and I still have untouched dotting tools and brushes that I bought after Michelle suggested them).

Anywho, I decided if I was going to take part in this challenge I would have to do it the next day. Yip, the very next day, with a day job and a very busy weekend at Taste of Durban next week I knew that there would be no other time. So today (Sunday) I have sat down and base coated, layered three coats of a base color, waited an hour or so for that to dry, then taped and painted my nails again, and then finally painted a layer of top coat, cuticle oiled and quick-dry dropped my nails… and yes, that did take me most of the day!!!

I pulled three nail polishes from my trusty nail stash… LA Girl Matte in Blue and White and an old bottle of Essence Color & Go in Femme Fatal. Seriously, this is an uber strong red and to me it is the ultimate shade, it is a red of pure perfection. The blue is stunning a great slightly opague royal blue which dries matte, I love it, whats not to love?? I knew these colors would go great in this challenge because they are probably the closest to the colors on the American flag.

I painted two coats of LA Girl Matte polish in white, there after I did a thin coat of Tip Top in Cream Puff just to ensure that there was a shine to the nails. I waited just over an hour for the final coat to completely dry. While the white was drying I prepared my strips of tape, thankfully I have a sticky tape that is of a very light stickiness, this means that is is perfect for using on manicures.

Once the white base was completely dry and I stuck my horizontal tape lines down, I took the red polish and painted the top half of my nails and then painted the bottom half of my nails with the blue. I waited a few seconds for the polish to sit, not to dry but to spread evenly over the nails, and then I pulled the tape off. Thankfully most of them came off without a problem ie. pulling off the white base coat but my index finger did snag a little in the very right hand corner. I then waited a while for the colors to dry and top coated my nails.

After I was sure my nails were 100% dry – about 8 hours later, I went through my scrap-booking and craft items looking for a star to stick on my nail over the slight smudge on my index finger. Et voila! The stars and Stripes with Red White and Blue!


It was so lovely to see the #BWB girls again, unfortunately not everyone was able to make it to the meet but of those of us who were there we had a great lunch and chat time, and missed all those who weren’t able to be there. These girls are so special and I’m so happy to have met them, and to be able to call them friends. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meet, so see you all then…

Mani Monday: Essence 101 Dalmatians Glitter Polish

Ok, all of us girls love cute- don’t we?? Puppies, pastel colors, ombré photos, old-style sweets (think colorful lollipops and the like), My Little Ponies and more! So when Essence came out with the 101 Dalmatians Glitter polish I knew I HAD … Continue reading