{Review} Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein pack

Summer, swimming in pools, tanning at the beach, hot sunny days, dips in sea water, color treatments, all of this dehydrates your hair and this is where I find myself. I had to try this protein filled hair mask after … Continue reading

How to ‘dip-dye’ your pony tail

I went away on my work team building weekend at the end of October, Friday night is usually an all out party with dress up theme and while I usually hate(!) dress up themes, we managed to pick a really … Continue reading

Face of the Day-: Rosie the Riveter

Our work party took place on a hot, muggy, Durban summers day in the 1950’s… okay, maybe not in the 1950’s but, there was a theme, train travel, and as the party was held at the famous Stokers Arms pub … Continue reading

Oxygen and Natural Oils… The new Dove hair care ranges

I’ve already told you I’m pretty loyal to the hair care brands that I use and that when I’ve found a brand that suits me I mainly stick to it (anyone else??). I’m most impressed when the different ranges¬†from a … Continue reading

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

Close your eyes and imagine waking up in chilly winter weather, you’re wrapped up snuggly in your fleece pajamas, tucked in under a plethora of feather duvets and flannel blankets, you are roused from your slumber by your alarm bleating … Continue reading

Handy Hair Tip #5

Have a look back at the series here: Post One, Two, Three & Four. Over the past few years we have been very blessed by the arrival of everyone’s BFF dry shampoo. Dry shampoo saves many a bad hair day … Continue reading

Handy Hair Tip #4

Tip number 4! Wow! You can read about tip One, Two and Three here. Summer, summer in South Africa can wreck havoc on your hair, many a natural, bottled or sun-nied blonde South African can tell you stories of swimming … Continue reading

{Hair Care} Dove Hair Oil Review

I mentioned in this post that I had drastically gone from brunette to blonde… very blonde. With this drastic change I have been slathering my hair in oils to ensure that I keep the moisture in my newly peroxided mane… … Continue reading