The Body Shop – Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet


Oh Body Shop, How I love your products! My mother is constantly telling me that I own too many of your shower gels and whenever there is a 3-for-2 sale, I’m usually the first person at your door. I love your body butters, your body sorbets, your Vitamin C spray and your delectable fragrances, but I’m afraid I just can’t bring myself to love your Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet.

I had read several rave reviews about this product, prior to buying it and they greatly influenced me buying it. But unfortunately what works on one persons skin may not work on another and I feel this is the case here. Don’t get me wrong, the fragrance is beautiful, floral, sweet but not cloyingly so, the texture is amazing – light, fluffy and almost jelly-like,  they should make spa baths with the sorbet in it because it feels so good but you just don’t like my skin. It’s me, not you!


So what happens, well this little pot of textured heaven seems to leave me with a rather stinging tingle after application. The sorbet does have a whole heap of good stuff in it including: Wheatgerm Oil, Soybean oil, Vitamin E, Citric Acid (commonly known as Vitamin C) and menthol. I have a feeling that the minuscule amount of menthol in the product is just too much for my skin – I don’t have sensitive skin but I know that if your skin doesn’t like something it will let you know. I will admit that I see where all the moisturising, aqua boosting claims come in,

I would suggest using the sorbet at night, this is when your skin will get the most benefit out of the moisture-boosting properties – each pot contains over 2 million aqua-spheres which help to deliver 24 hour hydration! The sorbet also doesn’t have an SPF which you won’t have to worry about if you apply at night, alternatively if you choose to use this during the day please be sure to smoother on an SPF too. I can imagine how wonderfully refreshing this would be stored in the fridge for extremely hot days (or days when we get a slight bit of pink!).

Btw. I have tried the sorbet several different times, at several different days in a row and at several different times in the month and no matter what I have done, (I have even tried to vary the amount of product I apply) I still have the same adverse bring sensation across my cheeks and nose. I truly believe this is just me, and even though I have this intolerance to the product I find my skin does stay beautifully moisturised after I’ve applied it.

The 50ml pot retails for roughly R130 at The Body Shop stores.



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