27 Pinkx: Brush Set


When we attended the 27 Pinkx we were blessed enough to receive a goodie, their 10 piece brush set with black and pink carry bag. I was really excited because I have been needing some new brushes for a while. In the 10 pack you receive a medley of brushes for every need;

banner20Eyes: Edge brush,Pencil brush,Flat brush, Small flat brush,Blending brush
Face: Concealer brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush, Powder brush, Lip brush

 The set is perfect for those starting off as they give you a great basic outline of what a good brush collection should contain, it also has a perfect mix of synthetic fiber brushes and natural hair brushes. Synthetic brushes (with the black bristles) are best for soft layering of powder and is best used in the application of cream/moisture based make up – liquid/cream foundation, concealers, cream blushes and eyeshadow. The natural brushes (white bristles) are made from pony hair, they are best used for powder makeup applications – face powder, eyeshadow, powder blush, these brushes although very soft are incredibly durable and blend, contour and apply very well.

I’ve had one slight problem with my 27 Pinkx brushes, but this is a problem that I almost expect from makeup brushes, I’ve had some shedding. The brushes haven’t all shed and those that have (mainly the blending brushes) have not shed much this has not caused any problems to me applying make up with them or ruined the shape of the brushes/ bristles. I still have been used them everyday and they are great, I have to say that I think that the Blush brush might just be my favorite brush, with the eyeshadow brushes coming in at a close second.

So on to the good news… I have one set of brushes to give away! Yes, a set for some one who is not me… Interested?? Here’s how you can win…

1. Follow my blog!

2. Follow @27Pinkx on Twitter

3. Comment below on which brush you would use most?

The giveaway will close on the 1st of August and is only open for South Africans.


6 thoughts on “27 Pinkx: Brush Set

  1. Oh heck yes! I keep looking at brushes in stores but gosh they’re a pretty penny! 😀

    I’d make that ‘foundation brush’ work the most 🙂 (actually the powder and blush brushes too lol)

  2. I would use the powder brush because my current one feels like I’m brushing a tiny porcupine across my face!

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