Friends and Pressies!

So the wonderful friend Seeps went to JHB for fashion week this past weekend… And she bought me pressies! Yeah and thank you again Seeps!

Seeps knows I have a complete love of all things hipster… As my bio says I’m kinda a wannabe hipster… So before she left I told her a list of things to do/ buy me…
This consisted of, but was not limited to
– go to Typo and buy me one of everything… Literally I worded it like that!
– bring me home a cronut… The latest greatest thing which Heidi Klum is consistently tempting me with on Instagram and just looks 100% decadent
– go to Kiehls and get some Midnight Recovery Concentrate as the teensy tiny Kiehls in The Pavilion doesn’t have testers in stock(!)
I’m sure there were some more utterly ridiculous things I said she had to bring me but that’s what friends do… They bring you pressies when they’ve barely gone away… Hey… This is the girl who brought me Jelly Belly jelly beans and then didn’t judge me when I still had some nearly a year later! (Ok, now you guys stop judging me)
So what did she bring me??
See for yourself…


A mango flavored Kiehls lip balm… This stuff is seriously gorge and smells SO like mangos; as well as two samples of the MRC this stuff I’ve read is like liquid gold! I can’t wait to try it!!
A stunning flamingo A4 notebook and matching flamingo pen… I like flamingoes to me they are the unicorns of the bird world, gorgeous! (Hehe that was an awesome line to say, feel free to quote me!) and so I now have a notebook that shall become my blog planning book an pen, I would bring it in to new work to use but you know how people walk away with pens… That’s not going to happen to Floyd the flamingo pen!

Thanks again Seeps! You are a bestie of note!

Oh and PS. I never got the cronut so if anyone is reading this inbox me and I’ll send you my address to have one! X