{Hobby} Color the rainbow

Adult Colouring in Cover

If you haven’t heard the latest trend, hobby, meditation time has been taken up with adult colouring in – and yes, that means adults colouring in not necessarily “adult” colouring in (although I’ve heard of some pretty riskeé books available.) I have been enchanted with the idea of colouring in for a number of reasons; 1. it’s an easy way for anyone to be creative, 2. unlike scrapbooking and other types of crafting you don’t need a ton of money or a lot of supplies, and 3. it doesn’t take up as much space.

So what do you need?? Well for starters keep an eye out for a colouring in book that you like; while The Secret Garden, The Lost Ocean and the Enchanted Forest are stunningly beautiful books they do not suit everyones style and or budget. Thankfully you can find amazing colouring in books on the cheap in your local CNA, Exclusive Books, Checkers and even Spar with some prices starting as low as R40 for a monthly edition.

Next you need some colouring in utensils, trust me when I say this don’t just buy a cheap set of colouring pencils – a lot of these lead that is too hard and will damage your pages, rather stick to the Stadler brand (if you are looking for cheap), if you have a little more money to spend on them I would suggest the Colleen brand as these are a great soft-leaded options. Don’t forget you can also use Aquarelle pencils to create a water coloured artwork with a a swipe of a watered brush. Otherwise you have choices of felt-tip pens from fine liners (either on the cheap or the Stabile ones pictured below), normal khoki’s which you can find in any brand and at any store and even permanent markers like the massive range of Sharpies that are now available (80’s Glam Edition and Metallic range pictured below).

As you can see from the 3rd and 4th image below the utensils you use and that you will prefer will be purely down to the style in which you colour. I prefer to use my Aquarelle pencils on images which have darker lines and that are more nature in essence, my Colleen pencils are used when I want to create different affects when standing, my Khakis – in this case Sharpies – deliver a bright and noticeable colour with no room for error, fine-liners on the other hand are for more precise pictures with smaller spaces.  
Adult colouring in Combo


So where do you start?? Well like I’ve said you can find books in your local Checkers shop and these cheaper books give you a range of images to practise and try your hand at, while your there pick yourself up a set of pencil crayons or khokis, when you get home make yourself a mug of tea, listen to some good music (or put on a movie) and sit and colour to your hearts content. If you finish your book and are looking for some more options have a google for some free printable because the internet is rife with them.  Let me know how it goes!


2 thoughts on “{Hobby} Color the rainbow

  1. I was lucky enough to have won a adult colouring books via the comp that you had and i can say that i totally loved it. Sometimes when i wake up to early i grap my pencils and just colour away! It’s totally relaxing. I would recommend Colleen they are the best to work with!

    • Hi Leanie, I’m so glad you have been enjoying your colouring – I didn’t know they included that, that’s amazing!
      Colleen definitely are the best AND they have gold and silver colours = win!!

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