{Eat Out} The Roost

The Roost

Sorry for the very dark pictures… the lighting is super dim at The Roost. 

Single food eatery: an eating establishment (restaurant, take-away, pub etc.) which only caters one meal on the menu. 

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but single food eateries are popping up in neighborhoods around the world. What could possibly be the problem? These eating establishments are focusing on perfecting one item and one item only, while I’m sure for some it’s hit or miss, The Roost located in Gillitts Durban is definitely a hit!

While other restaurants offer countless main meals, side dishes and desserts The Roost painstakingly only offers one. Rotisserie chicken. Organic, Free Range baby chicken, slow roasted for three hours on a rotisserie served with bottomless salad and thrice-fired potato chips and 4 home-made sauces to be precise.  And before you claim that it must be a boring meal the chicken is tender, juicy and tastes amazing, the bottomless salad is made of high quality mixed leaves, smothered in your usual vegetables and loaded with feta and olives, the chips are better than anything and if I could order just the chips in future, I would. The sauces are tangy, spicy, vinegary, garlicy and oh so morish! I sat basting my chips in sauce instead of my chicken and very nearly ordered another round of chips to finish the sauce off – if they had them in bottles I would have bought some!

The venue is casual with minimum decor and similarly to the food  menu the drink menu is simple with soft drinks, Craft Beers and a limited range of wine. The ambiance is set with dimmed lighting and happy families licking their lips and their fingers, the food sets the tone as it’s ready whenever you are. This venue would make a great party venue as it’s spills outside the door into the courtyard where you can dine under the stars. Dessert is simple as well, ice-cream which with the coming summer months will add to the simple elegance of the restaurant.
The Roost is located in Gillits Shopping Centre – Cnr of York and Clifton Roads, and is open from Tuesday – Saturday from 6pm till late and on sunday for lunch. Booking is essential – 0823207906. Since writing this review I’ve been told that the Roost has changed to a different restaurant but that the chicken option is still available so be sure to phone ahead. 

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