2016 Goals

While I’m not one to make New Years resolutions because let’s face it by the 5th of January you catch yourself eating a chocolate before heading to the beach without your sunscreen, but this year I’ve decided to set myself monthly goals.


Each month I’m going to choose a goal, whether it be fitness, lifestyle, educational, financial or a hobby or something else- I’m planning on having a no fast food (including junk food) February mainly because it’s the shortest month! So far for January my goal is…


Read ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’

Yes, I’ve been in South Africa for more years then the country I was born and yet I’ve never read Nelson Mandela’s famous and award winning book. Recently the German bestie (Rahel – Hi!!!) and I headed up to the Midlands while she was visiting South Africa, after hearing that she hasn’t ever visited the Nelson Mandela Capture Site (complete with the amazing iron artwork in the picture above), we decided that it’s only right for us to end our afternoon visit being stopping in. While they’re currently constructing a stunning multi-million rand museum at the site, we managed to rush through the present museum, briskly head down the path and “selfie” at the monument. This visit really inspired me to begin the book and seriously look into our wonderful countries history.

I’ve already started but it’s 400 pages and is bound to take some time to finish. I encourage you, if you are curious about Nelson Mandela, apartheid or about the history of the South African struggle then open up the book and have a read – it is a fascinating, easy read even though the book is a great length. Let me know if you have a resolution or goal is for this year, I would love to hear about it.






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