30 Things I’ve Done before 30

30 before 30 CoverSo I’ve hit my next decaade… yip, the big 3-0. What happened? I’m pretty sure I blinked and the time went with it, and honestly I feel a little cheated! But then I look back over what I have done, achieved, where I’ve been, Who I’ve been and I realise just how blessed I am (Awwwh! Sweet – I know, right)

So I decided I would list 30 things that I have done before I turned 30 and so here it is…

  1. I para-sailed at Sterkfontein Dam – Yip, in the air on a parachute behind a boat #adventure
  2. I made friends with a cheetah- Yakira (read about that here)
  3. I’ve snorkeled in the amazing clear waters of the Bahamas and Mozambique
  4. I’ve met Mickey Mouse and most of the other Disney characters while spending a week in Disney World
  5. Traveled to the UK and seen Big Ben
  6. I’ve gone up the Eiffel Tower and been to Paris twice!
  7. I lived away from home for 3 months learning a foreign language at the same time
  8. I’ve been to Rome and explored the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum
  9. I’ve eaten Ice-cream in Venice watching the Gondola’s go by
  10. Been to two Disney Parks (Disney World & Disney Park Paris)
  11. I’ve traveled by Bus, Train, Plane and Boat, and borda-borda
  12. Spent time one a private Island in Mozambique
  13. Sang at the Top of my lungs
  14. Cried when it hurt
  15. Lost loved ones
  16. I’ve seen a Whale Shark swimming in the Ocean
  17. I’ve kissed a seal… it was fishy… that’s all I’m going to say about that.
  18. I took the plunge and started blogging
  19. I lost my job, got a new one
  20. I’ve made amazing friends in all different places and with all different interests
  21. I’ve spent 1/2 a day in the Louvre and seen the Mona Lisa, the Venus Di Milo and more!
  22. I’ve been to NY and stood in Times Square – Christmas in New York is MAGICAL!!
  23. I’ve gone on roller-coasters until I wanted to throw up – in several different theme parks
  24. I’ve spent a night in a cave under the stars
  25. Broke my scaphoid (wrist), nose, toes and dislocated numerous body parts
  26. I have dyed my hair all-sorts of colors… black, blue-black, aubergine, fire-engine red, brown, blonde and the current dip-dyed pink
  27. I’ve watched my favorite play and several others, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Chicago on Broadway
  28. I got a tattoo
  29. I’ve eaten sublime food throughout the world… Macaroons in France, Pasta in Italy, Traditional Fish and Chips in Ireland, a curry in England, Caramel apples in America, Key-lime Pie in the Bahamas, Chipatti in Uganda.
  30. I’ve walked through Central Park in the Snow…
  31. Gotten in a snowball fight in Germany
  32. Visited Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany which Disney based Sleeping Beauties castle on
  33. Seen a Mummy! (EEP!)
  34. I’ve been to a concentration camp
  35. I’ve traveled on a propeller plane
  36. I’ve been to Cape Canaveral aka NASA in Florida – several weeks before a spaceship was sent up.
  37. I’ve seen the White House and walked through the Washington Mall
  38. I’ve gotten lost overseas – several times, Washington DC trying to find the hotel (by myself!!), London trying to find Harrods, Albania after our group accepted a ride from a taxi driver who previously drove us around.
  39. I’ve changed my own tyre – a big(!) task for a girl in this day and age…
  40. I’ve gone to cupcake and cookie decorating classes as well as cooking classes for fun!

Yes, that’s more the 30 (whoops!),  some of them are sad, some are happy, some I would do again in a heartbeat, others I wouldn’t be too keen on, but all of them, in some way have helped make me, me…


2 thoughts on “30 Things I’ve Done before 30

    • Thanks so much, I’m sure if you made a list of things that you’ve done you will have done some pretty cool things yourself. Thanks for the comment and the follow 🙂 X

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