How to ‘dip-dye’ your pony tail

Dip dye hair

I went away on my work team building weekend at the end of October, Friday night is usually an all out party with dress up theme and while I usually hate(!) dress up themes, we managed to pick a really great one this year. I was able to rock a home-made unicorn horn (see the tutorial on Fair-Leigh’s site here) but wanted to add a little omph to my outfit and so after 9 years of having the dye I bit the bullet and tried it in my hair.

Yip, 9 years I’ve had the Stargazer Magenta in my bathroom to use in my hair but I’ve either never been brave enough, not been able to do it with work, not had blonde enough hair until now. When I went to have my roots done the week before the team building I asked the hair-dresser to lighten my already light tips in order to do this at a later stage. Keep in mind that you do need to have bleached hair for the color to take correctly.

I donned a black bag and had the mothers help and off we went! We brushed out my hair completely and ‘separated’ it into 2 sections down the back, mom then donned the gloves and slowly started adding the dye to the bottom of my hair. After an hour with the dye in I washed, dried and was pinked! How crazy is that…

There are technically two ways in which you can dip-dye your hair, I did the straight and easy method (as above) the other way is as easy but longer. Mix some of the dye with conditioner put this through the ends of your hair – probably a little higher then you would go with a darker colour, leave this on for your hour and wash out, thereafter you repeat to the lower section of your tips but instead of mixing the dye with conditioner you simply use the dye. The process is then the same as above.

I love it and am very happy with how it turned out – I keep referring to myself as a ‘My Little Pony’ and every-time I see someone else with colourful hair I refer to them as the same. So how long does it last – well my hair has faded a lot (I have purposefully tried to fade it) but is still sitting at a candy floss pink tint and it has been 2 months, I have read some reviews where people have claimed that their stargazer dye lasted two washes – this was not true in my case as I’ve washed my hair at least 3 times a week in the past 8-10 weeks.


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