Mani Monday: Wet N Wild Megalast

Wet n Wild - I wear Skinny Jeans Cover photo

Sigh! There are two shops that I battle to walk out of without having spent some hard earned cash on some beauty products… Dischem and Clicks. I’m sure you will agree these are not the shops that you want to walk into at the end of the month when your wallet is empty and definitely not the shops you want to walk into during the Christmas season – they have SO many specials!!

And Clicks is just where I ended up.. right in front of the Wet n Wild Cosmetics stand because they have bought out another beautiful Limited collection with nail polishes AND eye-shadows. I couldn’t help myself and another eye-shadow palette, two lipsticks and two nail polishes just happened to find their way into my basket… but can you blame me? Look at these gorgeous colors!! (for more be sure to check out my snap chat… Janetennet)

On to the nail polishes for this Manicure Monday, I bought two of the Wet N Wild limited edition polishes with their Megalast formula because they were just so pretty! The pastel cream shades are just what summer ordered and I couldn’t resist, I bought “I Wear Skinny Jeans” as well as “Warm Filter.”

Wet N Wild - I wear Skinny Jeans Compilation photos

“I Wear Skinny Jeans” looks like a pretty close dupe of Essie’s “Salt Water Happy” but I’m not able to compare as I haven’t bought the Essie collection – I would love to know so if you have both please swatch and let me know. So the Megalast formula is amazing, my nails usually chip by the second/ third day of wearing nail polish and aside from a nail casualty from opening too many litchis my nails look like they were painted yesterday.

I love this color and plan on wearing it a lot this summer! What do you think? I can already see this being a perfect background for some white and yellow nail art daisies.


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