Face of the Day-: Rosie the Riveter

1[1]Our work party took place on a hot, muggy, Durban summers day in the 1950’s… okay, maybe not in the 1950’s but, there was a theme, train travel, and as the party was held at the famous Stokers Arms pub in Kloof it was only fitting that we were split into our different “classes”.

I was put in third class and our inspiration images were photo’s of coal workers, train drivers, overalls and coal dust, orphans and ladies of ‘the train.’ As I wasn’t too keen on any of those I decided to go as Rosie the Riveter, you know… the famous chick from all the propaganda posters, yip, so I googled costume, make up and hair ideas and thankfully I seemed to fit the part…

Rosie the Riveter Costume:

  • Black skinny jeans turned up
  • White Tommy style takkies
  • White ‘wife-beater vest’
  • Denim/ Chambray shirt, sleeves rolled up & tied at the waist


A wonderful work colleague, Tanica, taught herself how to do forward and back curls and very graciously did my hair. This of course was set with a tonne of Tresemme hair spray and plenty of bobby pins. I also couldn’t leave the bandanna off and even though I couldn’t find a red one the pink one was more my style!

Make up look

  • LA Girl Pro BB Cream
  • MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (Thanks Nat!!)
  • MUA Primer
  • MUA Professional Eye Primer
  • MUA Lip Boom
  • Catrice Cosmetics All About Rose Eye Shadow Palette
  • Essence Eye Liner
  • Essence Multi Action Mascara (my new favorite!)
  • Essence My Base Highlighter

Basically the look was a natural smokey eye, small winged liner and UBER red lip – I love this Lip Boom from MUA and honestly if I could find this shade again I would buy another 10!! I stupidly forgot my thick Eyeliner pen and had to settle for a smaller than normal wing but I think it looked nicely understated.

2[1]Sorry for the duck face!! But it totally pulled the look together!!

If you’re wondering what is in the little silver spray bottle above, I brought a rose water & glycerine product from Dischem and created my own primer, setting and refreshing spray… believe me in the heat of the day it was SO needed!

So what do you think?? I was told several times that I nailed the look and I was absolutely ecstatic with how everything came out – I had a ball posing in the photo booth and that’s all that matters.


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