Oxygen and Natural Oils… The new Dove hair care ranges

I’ve already told you I’m pretty loyal to the hair care brands that I use and that when I’ve found a brand that suits me I mainly stick to it (anyone else??). I’m most impressed when the different ranges from a brand are consistently amazing and this is exactly what has happened.


I was sent the new Dove Advanced Hair series in both Oxygen Moisture and Pure Care Dry Oil, now I was expecting one of these to leave my hair feeling flat but imagine my absolute surprise when both worked tremendously for my hair!! I will admit the Oxygen Moisture is probably my favorite of the two simply because of the amazing smell it leaves wafting through my tresses.

So what’s the secret?? I’m not sure but I’m so glad that they’ve bottled it!! Dove has manufactured these ranges based on global research to find out how we (ladies) really feel about our hair, it seems that they know that we all want great hair and the struggles that we go through to get it on a daily basis.

94%* of women claim that they are unhappy with their natural hair,

54%* of women wish there were more products to deeply nourish and moisturise their hair.

61%* of women think it is not possible to have their hair looking its best every day.

Dove has unlocked one key, nourishment! They have gone beyond your typical formula and expertly blended selected ingredients to provide ultimate nourishment for what your hair type needs.


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Designed to provide dull, dry hair with nourishment and silkiness without weighing it down. The range uses fine, pure drops of botanical oils including African Macadamia Oil and includes a luxurious treatment oil and a treatment mask, that divinely nourish and pamper your hair leaving a weightless, non-greasy finish.I find with the Pure Care Dry Oil (PCDO) range I don’t find the need to use as much hair oil because my hair is left so soft and conditioned. According to Dove the Pure Care Dry Oil range is said to deliver 5 x silkier hair!!!


The PCDO range consists of shampoo, conditioner and a treatment oil using all three of these products will expose your hair to macadamia oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and Omega 7’s which naturally condition and protect your hair. The oil in the range is great pre or post hair washing as a protectant or a treatment!


Dove Oxygen Moisture

Designed for women with fine, flat hair who want to add not only moisture but also volume to their hair, Dove Oxygen Moisture is the key. While my hair is not fine it most certainly is flat and I battle to find a way to give it volume and body – but not with this shampoo and conditioner. According to Dove, with this advanced formula you can achieve 95% MORE body and fullness – a true dream for those with fine and flat hair. The formula contains Oxyfusion Technology (oxygen fused moisturising ingredients) which deliver a balance of moisture and volume and leaves you with bouncy, full hair that is easy to manage.

These have quickly become a favourite of mine, the Oxygen Moisture is in my gym bag and the PCDO is in my shower at home, honestly they may be my favourite range that Dove has bought out and for R70 per shampoo and conditioner they don’t break the bank but deliver on their promises. Be sure to check them out!!



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