Win with Vaseline…

1We all know and love Vaseline lotions, I’ve posted many times about my love of their products and their different ranges and I’m excited as they have two summer must have ranges in their portfolio. While I’m savoring my way through a huge tub of their Cocoa Glow lotion I have a great opportunity for you to win products from the new ranges.

The Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Lotion and Aloe Sooth lotion will be a hit this summer! I am a firm believer in the healing properties of the Aloe plant and love that Vaseline have harnessed the plants natural healing powers in their products. Vaseline Healthy Even Tone actively reduces and evens out dark areas and returns your skins natural even tone – a must for summer when pigmentation is rife due to many hours in the sun.

In as little as 2 weeks you’ll notice a transformation in your skin, and most probably sooner than that as Vaseline is one of the most nourishing moisturisers on the market – I firmly believe and stand by their promises that in as little as 5 days you can banish dry, dehydrated skin by using their products. And if that’s not good enough the Even Tone range coats your skin with triple sunscreens for excellent sun protection – perfect for those days when you forgot to apply your sunscreen and now you’re stuck in the sun! It also contains Vitamin B3 to help prevent further pigmentation and dark marks while using the micro-droplets of petroleum jelly that the Vaseline Brand is famous for. Aloe Soothe will definitely help soothe, soften and moisturising your skin on those days where you may be a tad pink from the sun, and unlike other lotions it won’t feel heavy or clog your skin. I like to keep my lotions in the fridge during summer to cool me down even more – I don’t think I would need to with this one.



I have an amazing hamper filled with Vaseline Aloe Soothe and Healthy Even Tone products to give away and all you have to do is tell me in the comments below “What is your No. 1 summer skin care secret??”

T&C’s: Open to South African residents only. Competition runs from today (8th December) to the 17th of December. Winner will be contacted by Jane Tennet and thereafter by the PR Company. Prize has been sponsored by the brand.



13 thoughts on “Win with Vaseline…

  1. Always use a good sunscreen!

    In addition, I keep hydrated 🙂

    Totally LOVE the Vaseline range!

    Happy Summer! xoxo

  2. Always use a good sunscreen lotion and don’t forget to get in lots of water!

    Absolutely LOVE the Vaseline range!

    Happy Summer 🙂 xoxo

  3. My one “go-to” skin care tip is using an exfoliating mask once a week. Whether you buy one or make your own at home. I think it give your skin the jump-start it needs to glow all week.

  4. Drink plenty of water during hot days and try to avoid the sun UV rays during the PEAK times and remember the sun screen lotions – wear white or light colours.

  5. I always do a body scrub the day before I’m going into the sun. Then apply lots of sunscreen! I always apply a lotion afterwards and even some aloe Vera if I’m a bit toasty 😉 Plenty of water and rehydrate!

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