{Christmas 2015} Stocking Stuffers…

So it’s never too late to start looking for Christmas pressies is it? I mean Christmas is less than a month away!! Honestly my family hasn’t done stockings since my brother and I were kids but these small but amazing gifts would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for friends when you’re working on a budget 🙂

1 The beauty options

Obviously my Christmas shopping will not be limited to these few items, especially as Christmas is a time for me to stock up on all my beauty needs for the months ahead, but here are a few options which would make great pressies:

  • Freemans Face Masks – you’ll have seen from my posts here and here that I love this brand of  face masks. At roughly R70 a pop these make a great pressie that doesn’t break the bank… My favorites… the Black Sugar Scrub, the Cucumber peel-off and more… Oh and they’re also available in sachets making them even better as an ‘add’ on to a bigger pressie.
  • Lush Bath and Bubble Bombs – Oh boy, believe me when I say anyone who gets Lush at Christmas time will be a happy chappy :D, the Bath and Bubble Bombs are great additions to presents or presents by themselves – Especially the super cute flamingo one pictured.
  • Nail vinyls from because i shop – My latest favorites, I used my nail vinyls this week and wrote about them here. They are cute, easy to use and come in so many varieties – B is completely outdoing herself with the amount of awesome! I can’t wait to stock up on these!! These would make great girly presents with a bottle of polish and a nail file… my plan for all my friends this year 😀


2Mans Womens Best Friend gets a little something too! 

5. Hills Festive Treats – Yes, this option may not be for the two-legged but our 4-legged friends need to celebrate the Christmas Cheer too! Hills Festive treats are long sort after in our house, as Roxy is getting older she is needing a little something softer (and tastier too) so these are a perfect treat for her. Peta and Tilly are yet to try the metabolic treats but I’m definitely looking for some for their Christmas stocking.


3For the person who you don’t know what to buy for

  •  Skinny laMinx Products – We all know and love the Skiny LaMinx brand and this Christmas they have a whole new catalogue – these make great presents for any home lover and the summer styles and colors are sticking with the incredibly popular “tropical” trend. Find their products online here.
  • Coloring In – Let’s face it, the latest hobby of the moment, coloring in, is not going anywhere anytime soon. So help your friends jump on the bandwagon, there are stunning coloring in books for all wallet-sizes include a pack of felt-tips, or pencil crayons and you have a great present fit for anyone. This book is stunning and is available from C.U.M Books for R100
  • The Pink Flamingo – I spotted this in Mr P Home the other day, at R200 it’s a little more expensive then my other stocking stuffers above but it’s oh so pretty and needs to be shown. I love this, can’t wait to own this and I’m sure you do too!

So that’s a few ideas for you… Sorry… no ideas for getting boys… maybe I should do a post next week about that… Let me know what you plan on giving as Christmas presents – I have a “secret Santa” this weekend where I have to get a girly present I’ll show you Instagram what I do.


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