Mani Monday – Because I shop

The wonderful B from here has used her creative genius to bring us Saffas something that hadn’t hit our shores… Nail Vinyls! She’s opened which is an answer to our prayers, you want to do a quick chevron print on your nails… she has the answer, you want to create a ombre-holo mermaid tail pattern… ditto!

I was lucky enough to win the very first competition she hosted where I got to choose 2 different vinyls and boy was it a hard choice. She has got another competition hosted on her Instagram at the moment so hurry up and enter!! I know I can’t win again but the giveaway set is so cute that I wish I could!

I chose the Sharpies and the Ziggy Zaggy and got the Movember pack thrown in. I had a chance to play with the vinyls yesterday morning (at 5am!!) and they re amazing!! Crisp sharp lines, easy to stick on your nail and to remove once you’ve painted them – these are great and I’m planning on stuffing at least one Christmas stocking with some of these. If you don’t know how to use vinyls, here’s a quick step-by-step:

  • paint your protective base coat
  • paint your first 1-2 coats of color – in this case I’ve used an Avon Gel color
  • let your base color dry completely – I like to do this overnight
  • apply you vinyl to your nail
  • paint thin, quick coats on the section surrounded by the vinyl
  • I like to give it 3 seconds before carefully pulling the vinyl off – be sure to pull the vinyl off in an upward mother in order to no ruin your mani 🙂

Let me show you what I did, I used the sharpies and created an arrow on several of my nails, on my ring finger I made a ‘tribal-style‘ X – I’ve only shown you my thumb nail below as I ruined my X by not allowing my silver accent to dry before top-coating – I seriously wanted to cry because it ruined it! I used an Avon gel nail polish as my base color (and by the way that’s a single coat on my nails so it is def. a one coater), I then added the pastel triangle/ arrow shape using some supper cute bunny Chinese polish I bought in a Chinese shop – who could resist how cute they are??

Dip dye hairPurple and pink “arrows” done using the vinyls, white and silver accents free-handed.

So what do you think ? Have you tried some nail vinyls? I’m looking forward to playing with these a bit more 😊


3 thoughts on “Mani Monday – Because I shop


    Omw.. I must have!

    So Glad that you had such a positive experience. Love what you did! the colour combos are fabulous.


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