{Event} Kryolan Store Opening

This past Monday a very special store opened in La Lucia Mall aka. the shopping mall of my youth, growing up in Durban North meant hours shopping every day after school at “the mall” while still in my school uniform, my mother shopped everywhere and for everything and now “the mall” has one more essential store, Kryolan.


So you’ve never heard of Kryolan, well the brand has been around for roughly 65 years but unless you are in the professional beauty industry you may not have heard of them. Originally founded in Germany the beginnings of the make up line were at the heart of it all, the arts! And they have not stopped dominating in that sphere, Kryolan is used in theaters, on TV and movie sets, in magazine shoots and even in Olympic Games opening ceremonies giving each sphere a ‘personalized’ touch when it comes to their products.

In their time Kryolan have perfected 750 color-intense shades in over 16 000 products and they are available in 80 countries around the world – this means there is literally something for everyone. I’m eyeing the stunning brush collections – a girl can NEVER have too many make up brushes- but the lip and cheek products have also caught my eye. There’s also plenty of foundations, concealer wheels for every coloring – featuring a few colors that I haven’t seen before, make up fixing products, remover products, eyeliners in a rainbow of colors and a wall of multicolored eye-shadows also seemed to be calling my name! Your choice in this store is endless.

The vibrant makeup that was chosen for the EMM Models to wear while showcasing the Kathrin Kidger Summer Collection emphasized and complemented the bold colors in the clothes – this makeup looked striking from  application till later on in the night once the event wound down. The highly pigmented colors truly live by the motto “less is more.”


A huge thank you to Aldytha, the team at Make Up Your Mind, EMM Models, Kathrin Kidger and everyone else involved for creating a wonderful night. The store is open during La Lucia Mall’s hours and is located on the top level near Mr Price.



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