Mani Monday: No Makeup Look


A short while ago Essence launched a trio of nail polishes which gave you a ‘no make-up look’, the nudes all offering a ‘powder-finish’ are as close to natural as you can possibly get.

Out of the 3 I purchased number 2. Powdery Beige, and I couldn’t wait to get it onto my nails. I applied the polish a few nights earlier, keep in mind that this polish is meant to give you a natural, no make-up look, it is meant to apply as close to your own nails as possible so you will get a visible nail line, and if you have any white ‘calcium’ marks on your nails these will also show through.

I applied two thick coats but honestly I much prefer thin coats and the photo’s from this post are two thin coats instead of thick ones. The polish although sheer is not streaky and doesn’y leave bald spots as it dries to a semi-matte, powdery finish keep in mind that you are not meant to finish your application with a top-coat. The powdery effect isn’t a gritty texture, it feels more like your nails are softer than usual – it is quiet a nice feeling.

The three color option as per the Essence website are:

  • 01 powdery Rose is a bright very subtle pink, despite 3 layers the nail tips are still visible.
  • 02 powdery beige is quite yellow / orange stichiges Beige, this color is a little more pigmented and leaves the nail tips only slightly show through.
  • 03 powdery nude again goes into the pink direction is better than pigmented powdery rose.


Let me know what you think and it you’ve tried this polish. 🙂


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