Optiphi Classic: Complete Therapy

I received the Optiphi Classic Complete Therapy cream from a blogger event, I hadn’t heard much about the brand and surprisingly enough shortly after the meet a lot of great bloggers were talking about the range of products that Optiphi has.


The Complete Therapy cream is a wonder-product, a barrier-protecting moisturiser and all-in-one complete skin hydration, anti-wrinkle, skin restricting and repairing product. I have found several reviews that speak incredibly highly of Optiphi’s products and the ingredients that they use in them. It is full of potent antioxidants combined with the best skin protection and moisturization. And it has so many things to love, a great formula, SPF 20, airless pump bottle not to mention being a uber amazing spa brand with a great reputation and yet it didn’t blow my hair back.

I did enjoy using the cream, the pump-action bottle which ensures that the correct amount comes out each-and-everytime is SO much better than the tubs/ pots that most skin-care brands package in. The cream is thick and hydrating and was perfect for when I suffered a few drier-than-normal spots on my face, it soaks right into your skin and leaves you with a semi-matte complexion. I did notice that my skin looked and felt more hydrated, firm and moisturised when I was using the cream. I can’t say that anything bad happened when I used the cream, I din’t have a break-out or side effect but I didn’t 100% love the cream.

I think what put me off most was the colour of the cream, it’s almost instilled in us that a cream has to be white, foundations = coloured, toners = either lightly coloured or see-through, night-creams = white, day creams = white, sun screams = white, concealer = coloured – see what I’m getting at here?


Well this cream is a light sandy colour, now when I see a product that is sandy coloured and all it’s rivals are white, I have to wonder to myself if it has oxidised. I’m not sure how it would have oxidised in the pump-action bottle and this played hard on my mind while I was using the cream. There was also a chemically smell when applying the product, it’s not pleasant but thankfully it doesn’t last too long. Both of these, colour and smell are the reasons why I didn’t enjoy the product so much.

To me, it is very important to find a day cream that suits you, that you notice a difference with and that you like, this wasn’t the one for me. As everyone will react differently to each product there unfortunately will never be a one-size fits all facial product, if you are interested and able to purchase this product please give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Optiphi products are available from selective spa’s around South Africa, click here for more information and to find a stockist near you.



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