2True Foundation – Shade 3


My ultimate bargain hunter came out some time ago when I stumbled across 2True Cosmetics in my local Clicks stores. While the world of the www seems to have very little to say about this affordable brand here’s what I’ve found out;

  • 2True was launched in Superdrug in the U.K in 2006 and since then, the brand has grown world wide.
  • They launched in Clicks stores on South African shores with a bargain of a special, 3 products for under R100!!! I told you it was a bargain, a single product itself costs only R35.
  • The best news of all is that the 3 product special is always available.
  • One of the reasons why the products are available so cheaply is because they don’t go extreme in their packaging design, the quality of the products though is unhindered.
  • I find this brand very comparable to our favorite affordable brands like Essence and Catrice.

I have used several of their products from the Lip & Cheek tint (a dupe of everyone’s darling Benetint from Benefit), to the face powders, and the matte finish foundation. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to wear heavy-duty or expensive products on days where I don’t have to and so the light-to-medum coverage that this foundation offers is perfect for my every-day work life.

The foundation offers light coverage but it is build-able and leaves my skin looking luminous (in a good way of course) and best of all is that it doesn’t hurt my pocket! This is the perfect product value-for-money product while being able to experiment with other products to create a master piece. I find that shade 3 works out as the best color for my lilly white complexion and a small amount is all that’s needed to cover my face, through to my hairline, ears and slightly into the neck line for a good blend. This is not the most hardy of foundations so if you need a product to be long lasting this is unfortunately not the one for but its perfect for everyday, simple work wear looks.


Therefore don’t discount this not-so-commonly-known brand the next time you are in Clicks and need of either a new product or simply some retail therapy, and let me know in future if you decide to give them a try!


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