Mani Monday – Essence Thermal

Lets face it when it comes to Essence Trend Editions you need to sprint to the shops… hopefully not in your Pj’s with KFC in hand and face mask on… but seriously if that’s how you’re dressed when you hear the trend editions are in store, you know you better MOVE! These go and they go FAST!


When I heard that the Hello Autumn! trend edition was out I promptly did what any blogger does… I whatsapped our blogger group… and bought everything I wanted including 2 of the 4 thermal nail polishes. What makes a nail polish a thermal? Well the fact that depending on your body temperature and the outside temperature they change colors, and they seriously do – a great party trick if you need one!

The 2 thermals I purchased were: 4 – Keep Calm & Go for a Walk and 1 – Beuti-fall Red. Looking at the colors on offer Essence really kept to the theme of autumn as each is a varying shade of red, orange, beige, green and yellow – all colors that a leaf will turn when it falls off a tree in autumn. For this post I have on Keep Calm & Go for a Walk, I love this orange/ nude/ beige/ pink look it is sleek and professional while still having an element of fun. I will say that I have gotten distracted several times by my nails and checking to see how cold my finger tips are!

Another reason to like these polishes is because on long nails they give a natural ‘french’ manicure effect – because the tips of your nails do not get heated by blood circulation from your nail bed they remain ‘cold’ color. They apply easily in two coats, I find that they have almost a ‘vinyl’ effect to them and they leave a wonderful shine even without a topcoat, as usual my base coat doesn’t like my finger nails so I have had some problems with staying power but I think that’s just my nails.


Have you tried any of these (or other) thermal effect polishes? What did you think of them?


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