GFWS: Celebrity Chefs Theatre J’Something

In the words of a slightly famous proudly South African band;
“I see you standing over there, And I’m wondering, can I, can I…”
If the next word in your song was cool, well you would have gotten the song lyrics to Jika wrong BUT the answer is yes, yes J’Something you can cook. And not only is J heating up our airways with his melodic voice but he’s also bringing the heat to the Chef’s Theatre AND the kitchen at the Good Food and Wine show! (Like you needed another reason to get yourself tickets 😉 )


Joao Fonseca  – best known to most of his fans as J’Something – is better recognised for his catchy tunes and hypotonic moves as the lead singer of award-winning South African band Mi Casa.  However, visitors to the Good Food & Wine Show in Durban at the end of the month, will be able to catch J’Something cooking up a storm in both the Celebrity Chefs Theatre (Friday, October 30 at 12.50) and the kitchen (Saturday, October 31 at 12.20). He will also be doing a Q&A session at the SABC3 stand at the show on the Friday at 15.00.
J’s food philosophy is simple: “It’s not necessarily about the cost, the complexity or the look but what’s in your heart when you are making the dish,” he says.

He  has  also  become  very  involved  with  his  own  nutrition  and  has  learnt  to  find  a  balance between good food and good health; his goal is to make food that is delicious yet healthy.


Q:  What will you be cooking at the show in Durban?
J:  It’s a surprise, but trust me it will be delicious and simple.  It will be down to earth and – more than anything else – my demo will be the most fun out of all of them.

Q: Where did you love of cooking come from?
J:  My mother and father … they both love cooking. I wanted to create a little escape from music and started cooking as a hobby. Now anytime I get off I just cook … made Asian short ribs last night with some spicy cabbage and it was just delicious

Q: Food and music seem to be your two passions.  Have you had any ideas how they can be combined?
J:  Ha ha … well I cook and sing … I just need to find out how I will sing and cook!

Q: Do you cook for the band?
J: All the time

Q: If you’re having some mates over for a meal, what would you prepare?
J: Pizza is my favorite thing to do with friends. I have a pizza oven and it’s a great social time to catch up and eat

Q: In Durban you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Rick Stein, Brent Owens, Reza Mahammed and Jenny Morris. What dish would you cook to impress them?
J: I don’t really cook to impress … I cook more to enjoy and have a good time around food. I would make them a feijoada … a typical Portuguese dish that I think they would appreciate it … it’s warm and hearty

Q: Best meal you’ve ever had (cooked by someone else!)?
J: Too many to mention. But I never get tired of my moms prawns

Q: What do you love to eat?  What do you hate?
J: I don’t like spinach and livers. Everything else I love!

J ‘Something will be joined by a host of international chefs, including Rick Stein, Brent Owens, Reza Mahammed and Renae Smith, as well as some of the best local chefs including Jenny Morris, Asha Maharaj, Executive Chef of Hartford House, Constantijn Hahndiek,  Durban Curry author Erica Platter, Executive Chef of The Oyster Box, Hotel Kevin Joseph, Head Chef of the Sun Coast Towers Hotel, Sandren Govender, Sheila Somers, and Peter Ayub.

The Durban Good Food & Wine Show takes place from October 30 to November 1 at the Durban Exhibition Centre in association with Durban Tourism. There will be book signings with all the celebrity chefs at the show, along with Q&As and the Big Durban Curry Cook-Off. The visiting chefs will be staying at the Oyster Box Hotel.


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