{Mani Monday} Meeting Prince Charming 

Like most fairy-tales, most girls are waiting to be swept off their feet by their knight in shining armor, their own personal Prince Charming. Well this Prince Charming has sure swept me off my feet! Say “hello” to Essence: The Gel Nail Polish in shade 25 Prince Charming. *swoon!*


When I saw this shade on the Essence stand at Dischem I couldn’t resist purchasing the little bottle of turquoise, shimmery goodness. PC. (Cos we close like that) has a duachrome pearl shimmer that shifts from blue to green and honestly it’s the reason I knew I had to but this polish and had me swooning from the word go!

The gel range from Essence provides nails with an incredibly long lasting manicure (well we shall see!) and an amazing gel shine (and this gel polish follows in the steps of several other brands that do not require a lamp to treat it.

My first coat went on slightly opaque but this was soon sorted by the application of the second coat. I have to admit I have grown to love the wider style nail brush as it makes application SO easy and quick. The shine from the polish is incredibly impressive and I love a super shiney polish! This will make a great summer polish and I am see some tanned toes peaking out of flip flops wearing this in the coming months.


What do you think of this color?? Are you brave enough to meet Prince Charming?


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