{Face Mask Friday} Dischem Fruit Naturals

Face Mask Friday

Whoop! It’s Friday, you know what that means?? Yes approximately 8.5 hours until you are free from work for two full days!! (Unless you’re working weekends, and if that’s the case… Thank you, someone has to keep the economy running 😉 )

I’ve been toying with doing a ‘regular-ish’ series and this week I decided that enough was enough and to get going, so I will sporadically be posting a “Face Mask Friday” post. Basically what I want to do is try out a few face masks that are on the market, these may not be the most expensive products, but they are products that we see in our local Clicks and Dischem amongst other stores as well as other products I’ve picked up along the way. I love putting on a face-mask and chilling. Face-mask on, TV on! I usually end up watching Scandal (aka The Fixer) or Grey’s or pretty much anything while I’m wearing my face-mask… the other night I had that week’s face-mask on while watching the rugby! (and it wasn’t even the Springbok match!!)

The first face mask I’m going to feature is from Dischem’s own brand; Nature’s Nourishment Skin Fruits. I bought this mask ages ago, I think I paid under R50 for it and I was expecting the quality to rival other face masks in this price range. The mask is for all skin types and has apple and papaya (pawpaw) extracts to help refresh, brighten and nourish the skin, giving it a healthy appearance.


Application is simple, apply to a cleansed face, leave for up to 5 minutes and rinse with warm water, use the mask once a week to truly see its benefits. A few days ago Luzanne from Pink Peonies  suggested using a paddle shaped foundation brush to apply a face-mask, having never thought of using a brush for this I gave it a try with one of my Rubybox foundation brushes – it worked like a bomb with this cream based mask, application was easier, smoother and not as messy as when I’ve used my hands, I was also able to ensure even coverage.

The mask is a cream/ clay mix and I find that it is more moisturising then anything else, my skin feels softer, smoother and looks more healthy after using the mask, but I don’t feel like there is too much of a change. I thought I may try sleeping with the mask on but as it has clay in it, it will not absorb into your skin and your pillow would feel the brunt of that decision. Would I buy the mask again? If there was no other option that was cream based then probably, I feel that there are more masks which would be a better fit for my skin though.

Nature’s Nourishment Skin Fruits contains cleansers, toners, day and night creams and are available at your local Dischem.



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