9 Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Glasses WearersSince nerds, geeks and the slightly dorky set the fashion and beauty world a-buzzing in 2013 glasses have been truly included as a fashion accessory and they’re not going anywhere! We have been left with great frame designs from High Street fashion brands, lifestyle and sportswear brands and even generic ‘no-name’ frames are hotter then ever. I’ve worn glasses since I was in Std 1 (I don’t even know what that is in grades!), I was the cute little kid with a button nose, pigtails and pink frames, thankfully in Std 5 (Grd 7) I got my first set of contacts and for years I wore them night and day to my detriment. Now I have a lot more balance when it comes to eye-wear.

For glasses wearers there is a lot of contradiction about how you should wear your makeup; lots of mascara vs. none, matching your eye-shadow to your frame vs. NEVER do this, Bold lips vs natural eye and the list goes on and on! As a glasses wearer I’ve realized that I need to play around with my makeup to find what suits me, what suits my face-shape, eye color as well as style and size of frame and besides it is only makeup, it washes off!

I like to keep my makeup very simple when I’m wearing my glasses. I apply my usual everyday makeup products, BB Cream, Concealer, Blush, Mascara and lip gloss paying special attention to conceal dark circles and when applying my mascara. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t picked up some hints along the way…

1. Powder, prime or minimal. The bridge of your nose is normally a problem area for glasses wearers, foundation unless it’s primed and set will rub off on your nose-pieces leaving you with dents in your foundation. Some different options to stop this are, prime the area before makeup application, powder the area to set your foundation once applied or use a minimal amount of makeup in the area, and using a makeup setting spray to ‘set’ these areas once makeup has ben applied.

2. Eyebrows – Ensure that your brows are in tip-top shape whether it means shaping your brows, filing your brows or simply brushing them through with a brow gel. I fall victim to this all the time! Because my frames line up with my brows, I forget that you’re meant to keep your brows shaped so the moment I put on contacts I get a nasty surprise!

3. Magnification – The glass in your lenses can make your eyes and make up mistakes, look smaller or bigger depending on your type of sightedness and magnification. Enhance your eyes by ensuring you clean up any blobs, clumps or smudges!

4. Eyelashes & Mascara – Always wear mascara when you’re wearing your glasses as it accentuates your eyes, with glasses there is a chance that your lengthening mascara does an amazing job, but you are left with mascara marks across your lenses. To solve this problem use a water-proof volumizing  mascara.

5. Size matters! – the size of your frame to be exact. If you choose to have a frame with a larger lense space you will have ‘a larger’ canvas to work with, a larger lens space will mean that your eye will also look slightly bigger and you will be able to accentuate your eye more. Similarly a smaller lens space will create a smaller area for you to work with.

6. Eyeliner –  In order to give the illusion of larger eyes, line up your flick with the top outside corner of your glasses. BTW the bigger your frame the bigger your liner can be likewise skinny frames equal skinny liner.  Oh, and don’t be afraid to try bright and bold colors these look especially good when drawn on your lower lash-line.

7. Color Co-ordinate – If it matches it can be worn together and in the case of your glasses the same is true. Pink frames ?? Why not a matching pink lippy, red lippy with red frames and a beautiful aubergine frame with a stunning berry lip – can you see a pattern here? Try not to match your shadows with your frames, we don’t want to look like Cyclops, but definitely use a matching color as an accent or an eyeliner.

8. Stay natural – If you have a wonderfully bold and fashionable frame you want to ensure your make up accentuates it. I find that a natural nude look or a warm day-time smokey eye looks great when I’m wearing my chunky framed glasses.

9. Just peachy – don’t forget to pay some attention to the rest of your face. Pay attention to your bronzer, highlighter and blush to add more warmth and dimension to your face.

I hope these 9 tips help you, whether it encourages you to think outside of the box, to add a new lip-stick to your look or to perfect your eyeliner flick! Let me know if you have any other hints, tips or tricks that you like to use when wearing glasses and makeup together.



2 thoughts on “9 Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

  1. Thank you for this! I am SO clueless when it comes to make up. I am very keen to start playing around more, so I’m bookmarking this 🙂

    • Hi Megan, thanks so much for your comment. It can be incredibly daunting to try new things, but know that it can only grow you. Please let me know how you do and what works for you, if there is anything else you would like to know more about please let me know!
      XX Jane

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