Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

Close your eyes and imagine waking up in chilly winter weather, you’re wrapped up snuggly in your fleece pajamas, tucked in under a plethora of feather duvets and flannel blankets, you are roused from your slumber by your alarm bleating at you to wake up. It’s pitch black outside, even though it’s 6:30am and you can already feel the chill in the air, you wait a few minutes to adjust and turn on your light, grab your slippers and moan to yourself about the chill and then heading to the shower… you remember… you have to wash your hair… ugh!

Girlz Only-2

This happens to me so often in winter and I keep a trusty stash of dry shampoo for this very reason. Dirty hair + dry shampoo = perfection for a few more hours. Now, I know you are meant to actually apply dry shampoo the night before but this is an imperfect world and truthfully I never remember to do this. Whenever I’m a day late I liberally spray my hair and all conceivable partings with dry shampoo and then head to the shower, at the moment I am trying the Hazy Days option from the Girlz Only brand which I bought from Dischem.

It is cheaper than its other well-known counterparts but it is just as effective, the spray is powerful with slight scent which is not all that pleasing but thankfully it doesn’t last after you’ve used it. My day-too-late hair was powdered, left to work and then brushed out and my ‘transformation’ was complete! You would never say that I was a day late for washing my hair as my roots looked just washed, my hair had added volume and the color slightly more even on my regrowth… (that’s a negative to some people… If that is you I would advise you to use sparingly, at night and to brush your hair out A LOT). Obvi when using dry shampoo your hair is going to look more matte then shiny to counter act this I like to add a tiny-tiny-teeny-weeny-little bit of hair oil to my lengths of hair (NOT the roots), I do kinda wish that you could magic have shiny hair with the spray of an aerosol can but that’s not going to happen.

This is well worth a try so if you see it at Dischem give it a try I will admit that I haven’t seen it in stores for ages so it is 100% possible that Dischem is no longer stocking the range. Quite upsetting because they were incredibly hard to find, the range also has a dry conditioner which I would love to try out. Have you tried Girlz Only dry hair products? Which is your favorite?


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