What’s in my Gym Bag? #Cardio Edition



I thought I would share a quick look at the toiletries inside my gym bag, I try to get to my local Virgin Active at least three days a week… at the moment thank to #gymbuddy Natalie it’s more like 5 days a week! #high5… So my bag has to be all encompassing, spare pair of secret socks, gym socks and panties, spare t-shirt. Yip that’s all in there, but what products do I need when ‘hitting the showers’ after a sweaty Cardio sesh??


I have long, colored hair meaning only the best of the best will do. I’m also 100% set that only certain products actually work on my hair and I seem to build up a tolerance to shampoo’s and conditioners very easily. I’ve been incredibly impressed by these Sun Silk products, this is my third range that I’ve used and each collection has been very impressive. My hair is left silky, smelling good and easy to detangle using my wonderful compact Tangle Teezer – another must have in all gym bags! I also keep a bottle of hair oil in my bag, currently it’s the Tresemme range for color treated hair, I find that my hair soaks up all this oil after showering and it leaves my hair so smooth!


I’m very selective about the type of body-wash that I use. About 10 years ago I only started using The Body Shop’s range of was products as they have an amazing quality that is unrivaled from other brands, and If you’ve been to gym you’ll know the traditional watered-down soap in the showers just doesn’t cut it!  I have been pleasantly surprised by the Lux body wash range, especially the Sheer Twilight fragrance, it’s simply stunning! It has the right amount of fragrance to make me feel slightly girly but not cloyingly sweet so that it causes a headache. Not pictured is a massive tub of Vaseline Intense, this is my favorite cream, it loving moisturizes your skin leaving you feeling fresh, smooth and ready to take on the day. Yes, it is an incredibly thick cream and I may swap it out when we get further into summer but it’s by far the most moisturizing option. And of course deodorant, this option from Shield which doesn’t mark is fantastic, even though it spilled all over my bag but another option is the classic Dove (dark blue cap) which leaves you smelling fresh!


You all know that I love Pond’s and yet here is another of their great face washes, the Perfect Color Complex  a thick cream which strips away any dirt and grime… sweat I’m looking at you here, and moisturizes leaving you with radiant even skin. I also picked up the latest range of Johnson’s Face Care Even Complexion Day Cream and I must admit I’m impressed. I pack a light day cream because I usually am so hot after working out that I sweat most of my products off, this cream is great. It’s thick and luxurious enough to cover my whole face and it contains a SPF15 so I don’t have to worry about not wearing protection.


Most of these products are available at your local Dischem or Clicks Stores so they are readily available and well within most peoples purse strings. I’m planning a post about items that I bring when I swim at gym too, and I’m trying all sorts of products to see which is best to get rid of the dreaded chlorine smell that lingers. What products do you make sure you bring to the gym with you??


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