{New Product} Garnier Micellar Water

By now I’m sure you will have heard the news, Garnier has launched their well loved Micelliar Water in RSA. Pretty much every beauty blogger and their uncle has a post about this wonder-product and I’m following suit because, well because it is simply wonderful and to not include my thoughts would be a huge injustice 😉



When it comes to removing make-up most of us are incredibly lazy, we don’t want a seven-step, gel, oil, cream cleanser followed by a eye-friendly water-proof makeup remover, we want simplicity and we want it now… especially when we are trying to get to sleep – girls gotta have her beauty sleep yo! That is why makeup remover wipes are so popular!

There are two different skin type options that have been released and it has been said that these two options will suit every type of skin, whether you are oily, dry, combination, normal, sensitive, or any other combination under the sun. As I don’t have oily skin I opted for the Sensitive choice (the pink cap). The 400ml bottle claims to have up to 200 uses, which for the R80 price tag you pay is beyond amazing! It is also alcohol, paragon and fragrance free, which means it’s not going to dry your skin out and will be gentle for even the sensitive skinned. I am most impressed that this doesn’t sting my eyes, even when I am still wearing contacts, there is zero sting, fogginess or other gunky-ness that often happens when products are used around the eye area.

As I say, I have been very impressed with this, I do find that when my mascara game is strong I do have to wipe a cotton-pad over my eye area a few times before all my makeup is removed but that is a price I’m willing to pay. The water leaves your skin feeling moisturised and there is no need to rinse any residue off with tap water, I do still advise that you apply your normal night cream because, let’s face it, as amazing as this product is it is not a miracle-all-in-one-never-need-to-buy-another-product-again.

As mentioned the two options retail for roughly R80 and are currently only available in Clicks, I haven’t seen them in Dischem as yet but hopefully by the time I need my next bottle they will be there! 🙂 Have you tried these Micellar Waters?


3 thoughts on “{New Product} Garnier Micellar Water

  1. Hi Jane

    Just loved your reference to “every blogger and their uncle”. Ha ha ha ha I have seen so many posts on this one product, that in truth its put me somewhat off even trying it. However after reading your post I think I now just might.

    I like that you say it doesn’t sting, dry out or irritate the skin and that its not a 1000 step program. That is my worst, trying to get ready for bed after a long event or night out, the last thing I want to do is stand in front of a mirror for another hour.

    Loved this! Thank you


    • Thanks Cee!
      I was incredibly hesitant as well, but honestly it is amazing the fact that my masses of mascara comes off in a swipe (heavenly!!!), and you’re totally right about the 1000 step program, this makes life so much simpler.
      We missed you this weekend, hope you got your laptop working again!

      • Hi Jane!

        Thanks for the feedback, its pretty much on its last legs, but I am busy catching up on everything I missed this weekend 😦

        So sad that I did, but there is quite a bit of stuff going on behind the scenes at the moment, that arent so great 😦

        That’s why I need awesome posts like your’s to get lost in 🙂

        He he he he

        Thanks again, will def get my hands on some soon! Garnier are a pretty awesome brand, I am in love with their roll on’s and have been for almost 2 years now.


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