{Event} Rain Africa Blogger Day 2015

Roughly a week ago, a few of us bloggers were invited to hang out at a blogger event with the Rain Africa boys (Ryan and Yusuf) from the Gateway store to celebrate their 2nd birthday as well as to have a good time saving the world 😉

If you have made yourself acquainted with the Rain Africa brand you will know that my above statement about saving the world isn’t that far off what actually happens at Rain Africa. They prided themselves on being 100% African, natural and handcrafted, they are working with the under-privledged as well as the indigenous people of Africa to empower and uplift themselves by sourcing ingredients and making some really wonderful products.

Being Rain Africa, I would expect nothing less but the best when it came to venues, we were very spoilt to spend the day at the CROW Education Centre learning a little more about what they do. Claire from CROW gladly greeted us and showed us a wonderful presentation high-lighting some of the amazing work that they have done in the last 35 years of rehabilitating wildlife. Not only are they the oldest rehabilitation and rescue centre in KZN, but they place a strict emphasis on minimizing human contact with the animals in order to be able to release animals back into their natural habitats – this is no small feat as they survive purely on donations and sponsorship from the public and with very little foot traffic in the centre this means that they’re not your run-of-the-mill organisation when it comes to raising funds. Ryan and Yusuf were so incredibly generous, they bought several items on Crow’s wish-list and allowed us as bloggers to choose a present to give to CROW – this was incredibly uplifting for all of us, and made the day so special.


The day was great fun and all our senses were tingled as each activity for the day was aimed at one of them culminating in a true celebration – but more on that later. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone at my table and I think I speak for all of us when I say that our table had a great time, we laughed – a lot of the time at me, joked, ate, drank and were merry! After we sat down and quietened ( a hard feat for bloggers!!) we were told that our first activity would be to use some of the items available at the Rain Africa Body scrub Bar to make our own body scrubs… this guys, is perfect timing for all us beauties because we can shed what’s left of our dry winter skin with these wonderful natural scrubs. Well, we laughed, we giggled, we needed more oil, we needed more scent… there was a whole lot of “where’s the vanilla stuff?”, “does this look okay?”, “are you sure it needs more oil?”, “is this enough oil?”, “what’s this number for?” and “does this smell okay?”, well truthfully some of them didn’t smell okay, but that was easily fixed by adding more essential oils into the mix. #needsmoreoil was then proclaimed the unofficial hashtag of the day causing more giggles and laughter amongst all of us.

Once we had completed our scrubs we headed out into the slightly rainy outside where Claire explained what some of the different enclosures that CROW has are, we were lucky enough to see some of the duiker that they will be releasing soon, as well as had a rather rude introduction to the baboons which will be released once they have fully formed a functioning troop, before the rain started coming down we got to meet some fledgling Egyptian Geese as well as a family full of tiny baby ones – too cute! Unfortunately the rain started coming down harder then so our last stop was to see one of the raptor enclosures that Rain has sponsored! Yes, the team behind Rain Africa have sponsored a raptor enclosure AND a ICU one too, this is really great and we know that this sponsorship will mean the world to the animals that are homed and treated in these enclosures!

Our next activity was a favourite of everyone, lunch! The boys had organised delish vegan, halal friendly, wraps from Earth Mother Organic and boy were they good! On top of all that their was an over abundance of fruit, salad, olives, feta and a special pudding prepared by Yusuf (with a little help from his friend 😉 ) and soon we were all stuffed… btw the only time a group of bloggers is quiet, yip, when we’re eating! Shortly after lunch we watched some of the videos of how Rain Africa has sourced some of their natural products, this was incredibly interesting as we learnt about the Aloe Ferox, the Himba tribes people, Hyraceum aka fossilised dassie droppings, and a very strange fruit that nobody had ever heard of before called a Kukukaranga – yip, that’s it’s name!


Thereafter we were spoilt even more as we were presented with the new artisanal perfumes that Rain Africa has recently launched, Twig, nectar and leaf. Each of these scents is absolutely stunning, leaf smells exactly like you would expect, green, fresh and petrichor-y, Twig is stunning and probably my favourite, musky but light and airy and nectar is sweet and floral but still light and classic. next time I’m down that way I’ll be picking myself up a bottle of twig. Another awesome feature of these products is that they are refillable as the inner glass simply ‘pops’ out once finished for you to insert a refill.

We were also lucky enough to get the first look at the Rain Africa Christmas 2015 range, this silver, duck-egg-blue and white range is going to fly off the shelves, from the slippers, to the cosmetic bag in a fabulous print, and the scented silver gelded candles! These items will make great presents for people on your wish-list as well as for you! Make sure to have a look once they are launched closer to Christmas time.


I’m sure you can tell we all had a marvellous time at Crow and with Rain, in fact it was so fabulous that my phone’s battery ran out and so some of these photos are courtesy of Fay (check out her post about the event here). To find out more about Rain Africa have a look at their website . Have a look at CROWs website and Facebook pages and if you’re willing to donate or would like to purchase an item off their wish-list check it out below.



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