{Food} Conscious Cafe @ the Castle

In a sweet little hiding spot up in Hillcrest stands a lowly castle, if you’ve not been told about it you wouldn’t know of it’s existence. Surrounded by leafy forest and home to a Bonsai paradise and crystal heaven, you will soon feel that you’ve stepped into another dimension and should take your shoes and socks off and let your hair fall down our back, you would think nothing of someone climbing the massive tree from which the windpipes hang or greeting the four legged friends at your feet…

It is in this setting that you will find Conscious Cafe at the Castle, a Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant offering simple, delicious and healthy treats, from the Green Mamba (a freshly juiced fruit and veg juice) to their non-GMO homemade wraps and sandwiches they offer fresh, homemade, nourishing and incredibly tantalizing options.


A friend and I visited recently and were treated to being able to dine outside among nature for several hours uninterrupted, there is no rush, there are no problems and there seem to be no responsibilities… or at least that is how you’ll feel while you are there.We both had the felafel option, her a wrap and I an open sandwich which was layered with greens, hummus, tahini, sprouts, and crunchy little felafel which in my humble opinion were nearly as good as my favorite from Czar the Felafel Fundi.

2Aside from the meal that we ate we also took a moment to snoop around the castle which houses many a business and what we found most interesting was the cafe grows all their own salad ingredients and they source what they can’t grow from local farmers.

It was a wonderful relaxed afternoon that enriched the soul as well as the stomach, I’ll be back!


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