Max Factor: Excess Shimmer Eyeshadows


I had to take the plunge and purchase two of the Max Factor Excessive Shimmer Eye shadows after seeing them on Pretty Please Charlie here.  Okay, truthfully I thought they looked stunning on her blog and then when I walked into Clicks and tried the testers I knew I couldn’t leave the shop without them!

Out of the 6 shades available I choose the shades Bronze and Copper because they were simply stunning, they are rich, luxurious and oh so creamy… I fell in love, hard. After purchasing them I swear I sat looking at their perfection for about 10 minutes and boy were these perfect, they are easily applied with your finger (use a very gentle touch) and blend so easily, they perfectly apply as a metallic foil effect or can be blended well for a slight color and shimmer.

Copper is a taupe-y shade that makes a perfect natural eye and is a great base to start with. Bronze should really have been names copper as it’s a rich metallic red/ brown, these two make quite the impression and work incredibly well together. Obviously being gel they glide onto your lids and are incredibly easy to blend and work with, yes, they do dry but you do have a bit of time to work with them. They are slightly sheer but incredibly build-able I actually can’t wait to try them out with an eye brush as I think the color payoff will be simply stunning and will give that “Foiled” look.

I find the other shades on offer to be incredibly sheer and would need to be used as a base or a highlighter. Obviously with the exception of Onyx (the black shade) which looks fabulous and would make an amazing smokey eye! In looking these up online I see many people have said that Crystal makes a wonderful inner eye highlighter but I can’t see myself buying it only for this purpose. I love Copper and Bronze and definitely think that they are the best of the bunch. I just hope that Max Factor releases other shades in the future, I think a beautiful olive green and a navy blue would be right up my alley!


2 thoughts on “Max Factor: Excess Shimmer Eyeshadows

    • They are great, I’m loving mine!
      I’ve noticed a few people have advised to use them with a primer, so if you get them and have a problem with them creasing try that.
      Thanks for the comment. X

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