Winter spoils for your four legged friends…

A while back I was sent a #HillsKittyCuddler for Tilly and Petra and boy did they love it! A few days later during a thunder and lightening storm Roxy (the small legged hound afraid of noises louder than a babies sneeze) was allowed into the haven that is our home. Promptly after sniffing all that was worthy of sniffs, tasting all the tasty cat morsels of food and successfully irritating the two legged residents of the house she decided to make a new bed in, that’s right you guessed it, the #HillsKittyCuddler

 #HillsKittyCuddlerPhotographic evidence

 Thankfully the wonderful people over at Hills Pets heard Roxys cries about the injustice in the world, after all the cats in this house live inside AND have a comfy Hills bed, and they send a wonderful HUGE #HillsLazyBed for my four legged woofers… Now, once I unveiled this bed I knew there would be two things that would happen… 1. Roxy would claim it and 2. Lacey would try and eat it, and both of those did happen!

Roxy fell in love with her bed and has found herself a permanent home. Java forgot how to dog and so Roxy had to show her, Java is pretty hardcore and didn’t seem to accept the bribe of a nice warm pillow bed… the Hills treats she was sent through are already demolished! Lacy, dear puppy Lacey, well after I had to lift all her 15kgs on to the bed she tried to eat it… and decided she preferred the garden anyway…

Three Dogs

If you want to treat your best friend to one of these #HillsLazyBed’s then make sure you get in on this great deal! The lazy bed (worth R350) and available in 3 colors is free when you purchase two bags of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine (10kg and 13.6kg options only) this is perfect for medium to large dogs. For smaller breeds (like Roxy, but shh!! don’t tell her) the lazyp pouch (worth R250) and available in 5 colors is free when you purchase two bags of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine Mini (1.81kg and 3kg options). The offer is available at participating vetrinary outlets this July while stocks last.

Buy 2 bags bags of Ideal Balance &For your nearest participating practice or vet shop, contact Hill’s on or 0800 228 783. For more info Follow Hill’s on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date on their great offers.


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