Handy Hair Tip #5


Have a look back at the series here: Post One, Two, Three & Four.

Over the past few years we have been very blessed by the arrival of everyone’s BFF dry shampoo. Dry shampoo saves many a bad hair day in winter, and can also save your hair after a visit at the gym. I personally love Dry Shampoo, I first tried a Toni & Guy dry shampoo and although it worked amazingly it was expensive and didn’t smell very nice, since then I have used Baptiste, Tressemme and more, I have even used a Tressemme Foam Dry Shampoo.

We all love dry shampoo but I find that most people don’t actually know how to use it correctly. They spray it on too close to the roots and end up with a powdered scalp, they don’t massage in the product and the worst they (aka me) use way too much. I will admit that there is one Dry Shampoo in the Baptiste range that no matter what I do I can’t seem to master it… It’s like a hairspray powder mix and it simply leaves my hair feeling dry, broken and hard. (Not cool)

So if I’ve told you all the ways not to sue dry shampoo, how exactly are you meant to use it?? Well ideally you should be using your dry shampoo the night before to soak up all the excess oils and to add volume to your hair. At night the dry shampoo actually works to prevent excess oiliness from your scalp, and all the tossing and turning on your pillow works the formula into your scalp locking in all the benefits.

Now on to the method of applying dry shampoo, well firstly don’t get too close to your scalp, you don’t want to powder your scalp but your hair. Hold the can at a 20cm distance and spray, spray throughout your hair, down your center part, at the sides of your head, the back of your neck, I also like to split my hair half up and half down and spray in that parting. Then get ready to get your hands dirty… or powdery… Massage the powder into your scalp, believe me a brush does not do your hair justice, you want to give yourself a scalp massage similar to what you would receive at a hair dressers. This ‘activates’ the powders and assist with the building up of volume in your roots. Oh and don’t use hand cream before you give yourself your scalp massage…

Once you have given yourself the scalp massage brush your hair, but make sure that your hair brush is clean, not wet and that any hairs stuck in it are removed. I will sometimes brush my hair as I’m blasting it with air from the hair dryer, this just helps to brush all the powder out of your hair and leaves you looking decidedly less like an old fashion judge.

Now, what if you are a brunette or a red head and you wish to use dry shampoo? Well, unless you find a specific branded one for colored hair (which can be hard to come by) you are not out of luck. Dry shampoo has actually been around for generations, the first advert for dry shampoo actually stared famous model and fashion icon Twiggy! Originally dry shampoo was made out of talcum powder or corn starch (Corn flour) and so if you’ve run out you can simply raid your pantry and dust it on with a kabuki or other large brush. If you have colored hair you can mix together cocoa powder and corn flour to make a brunette and Cinnamon and cornflour to make a red head approved version. Keep in mind that if you are ‘home making’ this that you may need to use it more sparingly and retouch rather than smother your entire head.

You may need to use a product to add a little vavava voooom to your hair. I find if I use dry shampoo that one teeny squeeze of a hair oil mainly focused on my lengths and ends does the worlds bit of good. Be careful of going too close to your roots if you choose to do this and remember less is more, you can always add more oil/ mouse/ serum if you need it but you would need to do the entire dry shampoo ritual again if you were to overdo it.

The last tip when it comes to dry shampoo is most important. DO NOT TOUCH!! I know we as girls love to run our fingers through our hair, we sometimes even use our hair as another method of communicating (via flips, twirls and pushing it back) but this is the worst thing you can do. Your fingers will simply spread oils throughout your hair and half way through the day you will be in the same predicament you were in earlier that morning.

So be honest – have you been using your dry shampoo correctly?? Let me know if you try these tips!





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