White henna by Nindya Tricam Henna Studio

Hey everyone…

I’m sure Fay won’t have a problem with me re-blogging this post featuring the incredibly beautiful White Henna by Nindya Tricam Henna Studio.

Keep an eye out on Fay’s blog (Sparkling Labryinth) for the next week or so to see how this henna was used in the #CoveredisCool post.

I love it and can’t wait to try some of this henna myself! X

The Sparkling Labyrinth

This past Saturday myself and 4 other Durban bloggers (GI Jane, Madame Macaron, Inge Loker and Mbali) got together for a collaborative creative shoot. None of us are fashion bloggers and no I’m not changing up the focus of the blog, it was just a fun project and we had some cool local creatives come together with us to pull it off. There will be more on that soon in a separate post.


Some of the images we took behind the scenes with our phones are going around social media and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the white henna a few of us had on for the shoot. So I decided to do this post and hopefully clear things up.



Nindya Tricam of Henna Studio came through to apply henna on all of us. Nindya is originally from Mauritius and now lives and

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