Lush: Dragons Egg Bath Ballistic

Bath tub fireworks, fizz, froth, fruity fragrance – what more could you ask for?Dragons Egg‘As the white outer layer of Dragon’s Egg fizzes into a light, creamy foam, it releases a drift of dissolving dragon’s scales (rice paper confetti) and crackling popping candy. As its golden inner core is revealed, your bathwater is transformed into a shimmering amber. Its bergamot and citrus scents leave you feeling transformed and invigorated, so perfect for a morning bath.’

Okay, I’ve told you before, I’m a total Lushie and all Lushies at one point or another have tried and loved the wonderful ballistic that is the Dragon’s Egg.

A white ‘confetti’ scattered sphere with gold glitter in the middle, this ballistic is pure luxury and happiness! You know when your watching a TV show and the character is heading towards the white light representing heaven, and they have a big smile on their face, and are happy and carefree? Well that’s exactly how one feels when using this bath ballistic.

The white outer layers of the ballistic fizz away to form a light foam, this releases the ‘dragon scales’ aka rice paper confetti and the golden inner core of glitter is revealed.  (BTW when you think about it this totally looks like an egg, white outside and yellow yoke!) Your bathwater turns a shimmering amber and you are left with a gold glittery sheen that would rival any Kardashian’s sparkle. Believe me though this ballistic is more girly dragons that dance on rainbows than Game of Thrones dragons spewing fire.  The scent of bergamot and citrus mixed together will leave you transformed and invigorated, if you were to use this in the morning you could conquer any problems that are thrown your way throughout your day. Of course the mix of ingredients and oils will help to soften and moisturize your skin while you are relaxing under the water (hopefully with a good book, candles and some chocolate 🙂 )

Have you tried Dragon’s Egg? What were your thoughts?


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