Handy Hair Tip #4


Tip number 4! Wow! You can read about tip One, Two and Three here.

Summer, summer in South Africa can wreck havoc on your hair, many a natural, bottled or sun-nied blonde South African can tell you stories of swimming in chlorinated pools at school, gym, for fun and the green tinge that happens. Yip, I’ve had it, my brothers have had it and most blonde kids have that wonderful tint to their hair come summer. Then you have blondes which have that brassy yellow tint from coloring and the reddish tint that brunettes sometimes get. Well there is an easy solution to all of these!

Blondes, no longer do you have to purchase expensive silver shampoo, stop by your local chemist, Clicks or Dischem and purchase some Gentian Violet. Add two to three drops in your shampoo – literally two to three drops only!! And shake your shampoo, use this to wash your hair and wash those brassy shades away. (Please don’t put too much as it can stain your hair as well as dry it out, one to two drops will not harm your hair though)

Green hair? No, problem, use a few drops of red food coloring or even ketchup to neutralize your hair. Why does your hair go green when swimming, well it’s actually nothing to do with the chlorine but rather the oxidized metals found in the water. If you don’t feel confident about red food coloring or the tomato sauce you can also use some

Red tone to your beautiful brunette locks?? Well then use a few drops of green food coloring in your shampoo to neutralize your locks. This is using the color wheel that we learnt in pre-school coming in handy. 🙂

To do a Deep Cleanse use this handy tip (found here):

For a deep clarifying treatment put two spoons of bicarbonate of soda into a mug of warm water.  After using a Clarifying Shampoo, pour the Bicarb rinse through the hair and comb through.  Leave for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off.  The bicarb will help to break down any surface residue and over time can help with severe build up.
This deep clarifying treatment should technically be done by everyone no matter your hair color, tone or condition. It will assist in neutralizing tones but will also strip done the ‘baddies’ that weigh down our hair.
Have you ever tried a Deep Clarifying Treatment?? Are you going to try this one, if so please let me know how it works for you.

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