{Hair Care} Dove Hair Oil Review

I mentioned in this post that I had drastically gone from brunette to blonde… very blonde. With this drastic change I have been slathering my hair in oils to ensure that I keep the moisture in my newly peroxided mane… I was thrilled when I received the Dove Hair Oil in my Spring/ Summer box and so I’ve been putting it to good use.


I have been using the Dove ‘Pure Care Dry Oil’ with African Macadamia Oil for dry hair and I love it… It comes in a great sized bottle with a handy pump top so that there is no lid to mess around with. You squirt a bit in your hand, rub onto both hands and then lightly run your hands through your hair… focus on the ends and mid section of your hair rather than the roots, as hair oils can ‘weigh’ down the roots and causing that ‘dirty/ oily’ look.

I like to do a more generous application when my hair is wet – this is when it can truly soak it all up as its left to dry (or its blow dried). On days when I haven’t washed my hair, I still like to apply my hair oil but a little bit more conservatively so as not to cause that oily look. I firstly rub my hands through the front of my hair surrounding my face, I then do a middle parting and apply to the top of my hair, then the back of my hair is split into pig tails and I apply and wrap my hair around my hands. I find that applying this way means that I can still get several days “wear” without needing to wash my hair again. I have long hair so I am able to apply by this method, using more product, if you have short hair you can use less product and ‘swoosh’ your hands all through your hair.

This oil is for all hair types, anyone can use it and it is simply great. It claims to be: “a lightweight, luxurious formula, infused with pure drops of natural oils. With unique Dry Oil technology, it absorbs deep into hair, leaving it sublimely silky, not greasy or weighed down.”

It definitely leaves my hair feeling nourished and revitalized, and my hair is uber soft and silky once it dries. One of my favorite things is the smell… it smells like baby oil… literally baby oil – I keep thinking that I’m surrounded by babies who’ve just been bathed and I love it. The smell does disappear throughout the day so if you would rather not have the smelly of little babies follow you around, you are in luck. šŸ˜‰

2Dove hair oil has been in hot demand but you can find it in Clicks, Dischem and most shopping centers should start stocking it. Have you tried it? What do you think about it?


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