The Sexiest summer ever with Tropitone

“This summer Move It, Cool It, Tan it… Say it with Tropitone.”

A few weeks ago, before I went away, I asked the Twitterverse about the best sunscreen for using on your face. I have three really awesome sunscreens for the face but each of them is a factor 50 and I want to try to find something that is slightly lower in the SPF. Well Heather from Femme Lifestyle dropped me a message asking for my address and before I knew a parcel had arrived on my doorstep.

I am pedantic about sunscreen, the mother has some serious skin damage from the rays and I really, really never want to have any type of damage. I always, always apply sunscreen when I am out in the sun and lately even when it is overcast I am lathering (especially my face) in an SPF. Heather sent me the SPF 20 ‘Move It’ sunscreen as well and the SPF 6 Tan Enhancing Oil Spray from the Tropitone range. I’m a firm favorite of Tropitone and these two sunscreens have cemented my faith in the brand yet again.

Firstly let me touch on the SPF20, I find that an SPF 15 – 20 is a great everyday sunscreen, it has just enough coverage tom last throughout a day in the office or just longer than hour stint out in the sun. This lotion offers medium protection with UVAge and UVBurn protection, it is water resistant and non-greasy and enriched with monoi Tahitian Oil a enriched coconut oil. My one main issue with sunscreens is that shiney sheen that they give you once you have applied them, well I have to say that this SPF leaves very little of this on your face and body. I have been using this on my face, neck and chest quite a bit and even though it is not specifically for faces it is great protection and a little goes a hang of a long way!

I first used the SPF6 Tan Enhancing Oil the other day, firstly before I say anything else let me tell you this spray nozzle = love!! It is a continuous oil dispensing machine, there ain’t going to be any clogging of this nozzle. I love oils as sunscreens but I don’t really like the ‘oil slick that they leave behind in the water. I find that an oil has way more coverage and is more moisturizing than a normal cream sunscreen. I also like to think that I tan more with an oil based sunscreen, and that they offer more protection, I think this is because after swimming I still feel ‘covered’ by my oil lotions more so than when I have applied a cream lotion. So I look forward to using this low coverage enhancer at those times when you’re taking an afternoon dip and you don’t need much coverage.

Thank you so much to Heather! I feel really blessed to have these sent to me, I can’t wait to have a bit more of a ‘tanning’ session with these! I’m not sure about the #sexiestsummerever but this is sure going to be the most #tannedsummerever.



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