{Pets} Hill’s – Foodie bins are back!

Another wonderful treat I received after coming back from overseas was an incredible Hills Foodie bin for my three beloved pups… they were kind enough to share so the pups are getting the foodie bin while the cats are going to get some specialized food (Okay okay, the cats actually demanded that they receive something from this wonderful pressie and seeing as the pups don’t mind eating anything [including cat caviar] they gave up their chance of having some delicious Hills Science Plan.)

 From February 2015 – while stocks last – you will receive a FREE* foodie bin when you purchase certain bags of Hill’s Science Plan and Ideal Balance:

  • Buy 2 x Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine bags sized between 11kg and 13.6kg and receive a FREE large foodie bin worth R500.
  • Buy 2 x Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine Mini bags sized between 1.81kg and 3kg and receive a FREE small foodie bin worth R250.
  • Buy 2 x Science Plan or Ideal Balance Feline bags sized between 2.72kg and 6.8kg and receive a FREE small foodie bin worth R250
This offer is available while stocks last & Terms & Conditions apply.
How gorgeous are these bins?? They arrived in a HUGE box, my father messaged me during the day to ask me if I was expecting a parcel, I think he may have thought that I bought some amazing new treat for him. But alas it was time to spoil the pups and the cats with the naturally preserved, completely balanced and scientifically formulated goodness that is Hill’s pet food.
The great thing about these foodie bins is that they are not only dog and cat proof, they are ant/ bug proof too! Summer in Durban = ants, they seem to like the heat and humidity and this pressie came at a great time as we’ve had an ant infestation in our dog food this season but no longer! And if you’re worried about injuring your back, never fear this wonderful product has a handle and wheels on the rear to make moving those KG’s of food around easier.

Spoil your pets and you’ll have smiley, happy animals!

For your nearest participating Vet or shop contact Hill’s on Infoza@hillspet.com or 0800 228 783. For more information and special offers on products have a look at their website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

P.S. Somehow the photo’s of my three hounds digging into the container laiden with food has dissapeared (Not quite sure how) I will try my bestest to update with a photo of them enjoying their pressie!


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