My Handy Hair Tips #3

BEAUTY2Following on from my previous posts on this subject (Here and Here)  here is Handy Hair post number 3…

Conditioner… If you have long hair you love it or hate it and more possibly both, it can really be a pain in the pony tail! Some conditioners don’t detangle, some leave your hair feeling oily, others make your hair limp and some well, some make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot!

A good conditioner is hard to come by, we as women, especially if we have long hair, need to use conditioner. Curly haired people know all about the conditioner woes. Conditioner is meant to assist in adding moisture, proteins and all the other good things back into your hair, and so we have two types of conditioners we have normal everyday conditioners and we have conditioning treatment conditioners. I use and everyday conditioner each time I wash my hair and about once a week/ once every two weeks I’ll do a conditioning treatment.

Now on to the tip… When using conditioner ALWAYS dry your hair first to get rid of excess water. Hair salons will usually wipe your hair with a towel before putting conditioner on so as not to water down its goodness. This makes a world of difference – you won’t use as much product and you are able to focus more easily on applying the conditioner to the ends of your hair. I like to leave all my conditioners of for a short time before washing it off – how do I manage this? Well if I am going to wash my hair that day, I start with that, I jump in the shower and put my head under the spray wetting my hair, I carry on with my double shampoo and rinse, then I dry my hair by slightly and gently wringing it out (while in the shower) and then apply my chosen conditioner. Thereafter I wash the rest of my body leaving my face till last. If I am doing a deep condition I do the same thing and leave it on for slightly longer as I will usually choose that time to do something more time consuming like a full body exfoliate scrub or shave my legs.

Another great tip to throw in here is that when you are drying your hair use an old t-shirt or length of cotton instead of a towel. The towelling can break and dammage hair where as the cotton is a lot more gentle – I have actually tried this trick and it is true.


3 thoughts on “My Handy Hair Tips #3

  1. Great tips! ❤ I had no idea that you're supposed to dry off the water before applying conditioner! Thank you, I'm going to do that from now on! 😀

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