So… I became a blonde… again

I was meant to post this before I went overseas and captured too many photos of me with blonde hair… but alas, poor orik, I didn’t have the time or the effort to schedule it. And so now I present to you a belated “I’ve colored my hair” post.

To give you a little history of my love of changing hair colors… I’ve colored my hair since I was in std 3/4 (grade 5/6 to all you young peeps…), I had my first set of highlights using the leftovers from my brothers peroxide when I was around ten years old. Hair dye, peroxide, color mouses and I are old friends…. especially as at it’s nearly 19 years later and I’m still playing around with my hair!

Add subtitle text-1I have left my hair relatively untouched for the past 2 years (at least), I had a shocking experience with a previous hairdresser and was not able to brush my hair for months – it was completely tragic and a real sore point. I did mention this to the hairdresser that I went to, she suggested a product I was already using and then told me it was my own fault – it wasn’t. Because of this I left my highlights to grow out… and I choose the perfect time because my hair did the most amazing ‘natural’ ombre (read: faked but natural looking regrowth)… which of course was in all the fashion of the day!

And so a few years later it’s December 2014 and high time I chopped off the dry ends and had a little change… I went blonde… very blonde, no seriously this is the most blonde I have ever been and I’m loving it. The condition is great (mainly because it was ‘virgin’ hair being colored) and I’ve been masking and oiling like crazy.

My hairdresser also gave me a great tip… she mixes some of her amazing hair oil in to her color treatments to give your hair a moisture boost and to protect the hair from too much damage. She has whispered in my ear that you can also add hair oils to your shampoo or conditioner to give your hair some extra love – I am so doing this when I finish my current products! Have you ever done anything drastic with your hair? Did you love it? or hate it?


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